Thursday, March 1, 2012

From Seed to Table

I went to a Workshop Event called SEEDY SATURDAY last weekend. It sounds like something I wouldn't want to admit to but it was a full day of learning about planting seeds for your garden to have sustainable gardens and flowers.

The first workshop had us plant some herb and vegetable seeds. The photo above is leek seeds that were planted in an old Tim Horton's cup. Talk about sustainable. Have your coffee and then use it to plant seeds.

I don't know if I will be able to grow this leek but I will attempt to have it sprout and then I could give it to my Eco Loser family to plant in their garden. Since I live in an apartment with North facing light I am limited in what I can plant on my balcony. I believe I am limited to having just herbs. That's fine with me since I don't have much of a green thumb.

I do like the idea of having fresh herbs available by just stepping onto my balcony. Normally I buy fresh herbs at the store in bigger bunches than I need or use and then storing them in the fridge only to go back in a week and throw most of it out. I am hoping that I get to use the potted fresh herbs and not waste any of it in the process.

The Eco Losers family will be planting a full fruit and vegetable garden so I hope I get some of the excess from them.

The one thing that I know is the best thing about planting your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is that you know exactly what has gone into producing them and you can make sure there are no pesticides on them.

When I lived in a house I tried to plant various things without much success because I never had time to maintain it and didn't really know much about where to plant and when to plant etc. I have mastered keeping my Peace tree alive so I will now attempt to plant herbs that I hope to keep alive for a change. The goal is to use them in some of my favourite recipes in the summer. If I succeed you will see the results on this blog in a few months.

I hope to reap what I sow very soon.

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