Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rocket Ride for Rehab launch

Event:        Rocket Ride for Rehab Launch
Website:    Rocket Ride For RehabHashtag    #spin4the6
Date:        Tuesday, Aug 22nd 2017 (launch)Time:        5:30pm to 7:30pmLocation: Lodge on Queen, 251 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

A friend sent me an invite to a lunch for an event called Rocket Ride for Rehab #Spin4the6 and I decided to RSVP to check it out.  I never heard of it before and wasn't sure what it was exactly but I thought it might be interesting to see what it was all about.  While I am not a Spinner I am always happy to promote events that will help people who need a bit of assistance.  I was only at the event for a short time but I did enjoy some of Fidel Castro's catering including the delicious charcuterie platter and their Jalapeno Mac and Cheese.  Kevin Brauch was the Bartender making some fancy cocktails.  I was a last minute decision to go so I am glad I did to find out about this event.  I hope that if you are into Spinning you will join them at Nathan Phillips Square on Oct 24th and help them break a Guinness World Record and help the Toronto Rehab Foundation reach their goals to help as many people as they can.  You can also make a donation to the Toronto Rehab Foundation here:  Toronto Rehab

Participate in the Rocket Ride for Rehab
Location: Nathan Phillips Square
Date: Saturday Oct. 24, 2017

Toronto Rehab Foundation is proud to announce the Rocket Ride 4 Rehab. This 5-hour static cycling event will have over 1,000 participants that will be united in a purpose and will be going for a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most money raised by a static cycling event.


  • This Spin-a-Thon will be lead by Toronto’s top spin instructors.
  • The outdoor party will take place in historic Nathan Phillips Square.
  • Fun day for the whole family!
  • To raise funds for Toronto Rehab Foundation supporting the #1 Rehabilitation research centre in the world

Toronto Cider Festival

Festival:     Toronto Cider Festival
Date:          August 26, 2017
Location:   Sherbourne Commons at Sugar Beach
Price:         $30 per session

My friend won tickets for the Toronto Cider Festival and asked me to join her and normally Cider Festivals are not my thing but it was a really beautiful day and it was being held by the Lake at Sherbourne Commons at Sugar Beach so I thought at least it might be nice to hang out for a bit in the sun by the lake.

This compact little festival hosted 28 Cider Vendors and about 6 food vendors.  Although light on the food vendors for my liking it was in a relatively small area and it was all about the different Ciders.  I am not a Cider lover but I did sample a few of them.  The one that stood out to me was a Blood Orange Cider as you can see I am holding it in the picture on the right.

What I was surprised to find was how well it was set up and how fun it was.   With this silly little photo area set up for a contest my friend Natalie (Cooking Quidnunc)  and I had a bit of goofy fun and entered their contest,  she is disguised as an Owl that I am shooing away or you can look at it another way depending on how much alcohol you have consumed.

We didn't try much of the food except for the Oetker pizza samples, the apple crisp pairing and some snacks but they had a few food trucks serving up some tasty looking food like this taco that the person sitting on the benches next to us were eating.  They said it was delicious and it looked pretty nice from what I could see.

It was a more mature and chill crowd than I have seen at other beverage focused festivals and it really had a fun community feel.  Although we wished there was a bit more food vendors we ended up having a really great time.

Travel Massive 7th Anniversary

Event:           Travel Massive 7th Anniversary
Location:      Trillium Park Ontario Place
Date:             August 23, 2017
Website:       Travel Massive

I have only been a Travel Massive Toronto Chapter member since 2016 so I have only had a chance to experience about a half a dozen of their local events but they have all been really fun and interesting but I have to say their 7th Anniversary event was the best one I have attended so far.

I joined the Travel Massive group to be able to expand my opportunities and find out more about travel blogging.  I have been blogging about Toronto mostly and would like to expand to Travel food blogging so I thought joining Travel Massive would give me some great insights.  So far I haven't been able to get too far out of Toronto but have been able to attend some fantastic Travel Massive events like one on the fairly new UP Express to a Banquet Hall and one at a downtown restaurant/nightclub for Montreal's big Anniversary year.

This event was the first one I have attended outside and although it was a trek to get there because it was at Ontario Place's new Trillium Park at the same time as the CNE was going on but it ended up being well worth the trek there.

It was my first look at the new Trillium Park at Ontario Place in a formerly really boring undeveloped area of the Park.  Now there is an open air Pavillion, a summit, trails, garden and my favourite part was the big fire pit.

We sampled really great appetizers while our hosts provided information about Ontario Parks all being showcased in the Ontario 150 year.  Ontario Place was also celebrating their 125 year.

They had different stations where we were encouraged to take selfies to win prizes.  There was a really fun canoe set up and a camping set up and a station where you could make a fishing lure and information provided at each booth.

The view from Trillium Park is fantastic and it was a lovely evening a bit cooler by the lake but the best part was sitting by the Big FIRE PIT making Smore's.

One of my friends even won a free stay in a YURT in the winter.  She didn't even know what a Yurt was until she won the prize so I am looking forward to hearing about that experience.

I really want to do more exploring and travelling outside of Toronto in the near future an these little events help me dream and experience new things.  If you are a travel blogger I encourage you to join Travel Massive and hang out with fellow travel adventurers.

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