Sunday, August 12, 2012

What to do with a mushy watermelon?

What do you do when you cut open a watermelon and it's mushy and mealy?

It's summer and nothing refreshes you more and says summer than Watermelon or ice cream.  But what if you picked up a beautiful watermelon and then when you cut it open the watermelon fruit inside just turned into mush.   You can't take it back to the store since you cut it so what do you do with it?   You don't want to throw it out but it's not that great to eat either.

The FIX - A Watermelon Granita

I cut this watermelon opened and was ready to cut it into chunks to have in the fridge for a quick snack but it just cut into mushy chunks instead.   I was ready to toss the whole thing out when I thought about making a granita from the juice of the watermelon.   So I scooped out all the flesh from the inside of the melon and tossed it into the blender to puree.   I poured it through a mess strainer to get rid of the seeds and fibre pulp.   Leaving the juice in the bowl for a granita.   Granita is an Italian ice that is normally made with lemon juice or coffee but any fruit liquid can be made into a granita as well.

I added some Agave syrup so that it would dissolve into the liquid and then i added a travel size of Tequila to make it interesting and boost the flavour.

Pour the mix into a shallow container, preferably a glass one because you will have to scrape it with a fork halfway through the freezing process.

Put the shallow container containing the watermelon mix into the freezer and when the mix is half frozen take it out and with a fork pull through it to make it granular.   Put it back into the freezer and let it continue to set.   You can keep running the fork through it if you want a fine ice crystal.   You should have watermelon ice once the mix is completely frozen.  You can then put it into a Tupperware type of container with a lid and keep it in the freezer and serve as you like.

If you are having a dinner party serve it in a Martini glass as dessert for a fancy dessert and if you have Mint on hand add a sprig of mint as a garnish.   You could add mint to the granita as well if you like the combination of mint and watermelon.   You can experiment with adding flavours if you like.


  1. Was ready to throw out my mushy, pithy watermelon. Can't wait to try your recipe today and let you know

  2. Was ready to throw out my mushy watermelon, but can't wait to try your recipe. Will let you know my results.

  3. Thanks much. I have a small watermelon that I don't want to open because the rest will go bad. I don't drink but I'm sure I can add a non-alcoholic flavour shot to the mix.


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