Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Storing your food

How do you store your food in your cupboards and pantry? Is it all in the original packaging but flip flopping all over the place on your shelves?

Here's a case of the old way is the right way to store food. Back in the day grandmothers used to put their food in mason jars because they used to try and preserve the food they made for as long as possible to get through the winter seasons. It was normal to put a lot of things in mason jars. Now it seems new and different. How funny is it that people forgot what used to be the only choices and now people are actually choosing to go back to the time before there was a million choices.

Things like nuts go rancid if they aren't stored in airtight containers and stored away from heat.

I had bought a second bag of walnuts because the bag of nuts got hidden on the shelf. With this mason jar storage you can see what you have and it stores nicely on your shelves making it a quick look through when you have to see what you need.

I am trying to organize my kitchen so that whenever I have a whim to whip up something great I don't have to go digging for things only to find out that things have gone bad because the containers didn't keep them fresh for very long.

I also like the way this all looks uniform in the cupboard while the original packaging just looks crazy and messy. Why advertise for manufacturers when you are buying nuts and seeds which come from mother nature but are just processed by some manufacturer. Keep it real. Another case of Granny was right... well, I didn't know my grannies but I know someone's grannies did this at some time in their life.

Old school is new school.

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