Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lifestyle choices made in your 20s can impact your heart health in your 40s

Lifestyle choices made in your 20s can impact your heart health in your 40s

From this study it looks like I did a couple of things right but a lot of things wrong and I am paying for it now. The good thing I did was that I never smoked. I always thought it was gross and a waste of money. the other good thing I did for my body but not as much for my social life was to no drink alcohol in excess. I can barely finish one drink if I go out to a bar. But the exercise part... not so good. the 3 times I joined a gym where the 3 times the gym changed ownership or I lost a job or got too busy with a new job and didn't go. One of my biggest regrets now is that I didn't get into a habit of regular exercise when I was young to the point of it just being a part of my schedule. Now I can barely muster enough energy to do half of what I want to do. The other thing I wish I had done years ago was eat better... still struggling with that.... cravings keep getting the best of me. I guess for people that drink alcohol they put their cravings into the drink instead of the food. Either way neither of these practices are good.

I always feel like I have an angel sitting on one shoulder and a devil sitting on the other and the two of them are battling it out over what I should eat. The Devil says eat that fatty beef and cheese and the angel says eat some leafy greens. Guess who wins out most of the time.... well I guess you could say I am no Angel in the food department. I want to do better but can't seem to keep up on just eating healthy. I wish I could just turn off a crappy food craving switch and adjust it to only good things for me. Some people can do it but I haven't figured out how to be one of those people yet. But I am working on it. As usual a work in progress.

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