Saturday, March 24, 2012

'Best Before' dates. how long to keep food

'Best Before' confusion leading to needless food waste | CTV News

I have been going through my fridge trying to use up food that is starting to go bad but there were a few items that I hadn't even touched before the best before dates so I wondered if the item wasn't opened how long would it still last?  I had lots of dairy items like yoghurt, sour cream and milk that had expired dates.  I had a container of creme fraiche that wasn't even touched and I opened it and it was still perfect so I am assuming if it doesn't smell bad and hasn't gotten any mold and is very close to the best before date and it hasn't been opened it should still be good.   But I wondered about all the food that I have tossed out in the past without even looking at it.   I am trying a lot harder to not waste as much food as I used to but I am also trying to make sure that I buy and eat better food and buying more organic foods means shorter shelf life.
They are building a Whole Foods Market within walking distance of my house but until that opens I have to shop smarter and use my food wiser so that I don't throw money in the landfill.   I can't even do composting because I live in an apartment so I have to just think smarter and plan better.

I am used to living in a house with the ability to have a pantry and extra freezer so that I can make up big batches of food and store it in a freezer if it can't be finished.  I have lots of food stored in my freezer already but I don't have the unlimited space anymore so I need to change the way I think when I go shopping.    I always liked to have things on hand so that I could make anything when I was in the mood to cook up some things.   Planning is not my forte.  I need to work on that.

The article above is interesting and probably going to be helpful to people that shop like me.

Shop smarter, waste less food.

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