Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Oscars - Party Food

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This Sunday it's the 84th Academy Awards Show and people all over will be having Oscar Parties. The link above is some of the Hollywood Oscar Party Foods.

People go all out and make it a huge Party Event. If i had a Hollywood Budget I would throw a Huge Oscar Party but since I don't I have been spending my Academy Award Nights with Friends in a local Bar/Restaurant. We have been doing this at the same location for about 8 years now. The owners of the restaurant even chip in to give us Oscar pool prizes which is really great. The friends I watch the Awards with are all from my Entourage Team at the Toronto International Film Festival so it's a fun night because in commercial breaks we talk about which films we saw at the Festival and who we may have met and other funny stories so the show never gets boring for us. This year I have been on a mission to see as many films as I can before sunday. I was really lucky this year and was able to see a lot of the nominated films at the Toronto International Film Festivall where a lot of them premiered.

Even though I don't throw and Oscar Party but hope to one day but here are a couple of ideas of things you could make for the party.

1. One of the nominated films this year is "Midnight in Paris" so you could plan french foods and Paris decorations.
2. Make some spicy popcorn and put it into old fashioned popcorn boxes that you can usually find at dollar stores or party stores.
3. You can make sugar cookies that look like Oscar and decorate them with gold sugar sparkles.
4. You can make Golden Cocktails using Ginger Ale and maybe a little Vodka or a light colored alcohol.
5. You can theme the party based on some of the best picture locations or other themes.

Knock yourself out...

Get a roll out red tablecloth from a party store and use it as a Red Carpet.
Get your friends to dress up and have them walk the red carpet and take Paparazzi photos.

whatever you do have fun with it... and make it your own.

If you like make it a champagne and caviar night or a popcorn and pop night. It doesn't matter ....Just have fun... and watch as many movies as you can before the Awards and do have Prizes for an Oscar Pool. It could be a Movie Card Gift Certificate or just a bag of Popcorn. Work with your budget and do what you can.

And the Oscar goes to.................

will have to wait and see this sunday.

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