Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 12 superfoods for 2012

Top 12 superfoods for 2012

I bet you have never heard of some of these foods and unless you live in Australia you probably aren't going to find Kangaroo meat at your local market..... but you can choose some of these things like Avocado, Pomegranate, chick peas etc.

Quinoa is now widely available... what is it? It's what they call an Ancient Grain. It's kind of like making tiny rice.. you cook it for about 20 minutes and it has kind of a nutty taste. You can have it cold or hot and mix sweet and savoury things into it like cranberries or veggies.
Farro is also an old Italian Grain like pasta but with a higher nutritional content than regular pasta.

Pick one thing on this list that you have never tried and do an experiment. Find it in your local grocery store and then try and find a recipe to use it and see if you like it and can adopt it into your regular diet.

I had my avocado yesterday when I made some fajita style tacos... who knew Guacamole was so good for you.

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