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Founded in 2011, Starving Foodie is a Toronto based Food blog. My name is Linda and I started this blog after my mom passed away in 2011 because my work contract ended and I was at home cooking a lot more while organizing my life and I was posting my food photos onto  Facebook and a couple of my friends convinced me that I should start a food Blog. I had already been blogging for myself and for my film projects but the Food Blog seemed to take off and I let go of the other blogs.  That was in 2011 and I have been enjoying the challenge of trying to find new things to write about ever since.

People seem to think I am everywhere but I do have a government job currently and try to put my spare time into my blog trying to keep up with events and blog posts.  Before I started blogging my spare time was filled with being a freelance makeup artist and then moving from working on other people's film projects to working on my own short film projects.  Food blogging has taken up most of my free time since starting my blog so I have had to put the other things to the side while I am enjoying the food ride.

I am a Food Revolution Ambassador (Jamie Oliver Foundation) and was on the advanced inspiration team for Gastropost the Community created by Postmedia which is now been dissolved unfortunately.  I  participated in close to 150 missions and my photos were published in the National Post in the Gastropost section over 50.

You can follow my food journey and other things on Twitter and Instagram  at @LindaMatarasso

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  1. Hi Linda. Wha a great, thought-provoking and moving article on the state of our city. I couldn't agree more with you. Thanks for the inspiration


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