Saturday, October 21, 2017

Edit Expo - Smart Design for Life

EDIT EXPO -The Festival of the Future

Dates: Sept 28- Oct. 8, 2017
Location: 21 Don Roadway
Event: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology
Cost:  $15 day pass

I hoped to post this much earlier but I only had a chance to visit the Edit Expo on the last day due to the location and time factors but I wish I had time to go to a few more of the panel events.
The Inaugural 10 day Edit Expo was situated inside an abandoned factory in Toronto's Port Lands area tucked in at the end of the Don Valley Parkway.  It was an immersive festival that brought together world-changing ideas with a goal to get closer to achieving the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals.
Situated inside an abandoned factory in Toronto's Port Lands, the inaugural EDIT –– a 10-day immersive festival full of world-changing ideas –– brought us one step closer to achieving the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals. 

With a day pass you could access speakers, exhibits, and workshops.  On the last day that I attended they had a FREE Lunch for anyone that attended using Food that would normally be thrown out with a host of volunteers serving up Soup and Foccaccia bread to up to 5000 people.

Second Harvest Ambassador and Chef Bob Blumer was on hand to do a food demo using left over bits of food provided to make a Cauliflower crust pizza with green pesto and vegetables.   I had a bite and it tasted great.

As you can see from the sign that one of the volunteers above was holding, we waste up to 30% of Fruits & Vegetables in Canada mostly because it's thought of as "too ugly".  Grocery stores will not stock blemished fruits and vegetables so most of them go into landfills.  People at home do not want to buy these so called "ugly vegetables" and they also waste food that goes un eaten.  I am guilty of this and am trying to be more mindful of what I buy and how I use it.  Almost half of the food produced in the world doesn't end up being consumed by people.  That would be enough to feed everyone in the world if it was better managed.

Besides the Food aspect which is what I was most interested in of course,  I am also interested in smart design and technology that makes life better for people.

I have to admit that I didn't understand some of the artistic installations but as you can see there were some beautiful installations.

I wish this Expo was in a more accessible area so that more people could have attended.  There was parking and that was probably the easiest way to get there besides on bikes.  They had a bike share company there at the entrance.  I took the ttc and then took an Uber back to the subway because it was a bit of a hike from the stop closest to the location.  I wish I had more time to visit sooner.

One of my favourite things at the Expo was the rooftop garden.  I think every multi unit building should have a roof top Oasis that provides food, relaxation and at the same time cools the buildings.  That's smart design.  Keeping nature in an Urban environment and for Sustainability which is the ultimate goal.  
We need to start finding solutions to problems of the ever increasing population and density with the decreasing amount of natural resources.
I would love to see where the direction of this Expo goes next year.

KitchenAid - Yours For The Making

The Future of Cooking in your home.

Event:  KitchenAid -Yours For the Making
Location: The Storys Building 11 Duncan Street
Date: Tuesday Oct 3, 2017
Demo by Chef Corbin Tomaszwski
Hshtag #YoursForTheMaking 
Social handle @KitchenAid_CA.

I was really happy to receive an invitation to go to a lunch time event by Kitchen Aid at the Storys Building recently.  First, I had never been to the Storys building and wanted to check it out and most importantly I own and love KitchenAid small appliances and I am always interested in seeing what's new on the market so that I can plan my dream kitchen.

The always fun Chef Corbin Tomaszwski was on hand to do a hands on demo where he showed how KitchenAid innovations help in the kitchen from start to finish.  He did a demo of fresh pasta made using a KitchenAid stand mixer with a pasta attachment with pan seared Salmon cooked on the KitchenAid stove.   As you can see from the photo below I helped zest an orange for the marinade for the Salmon.  There were a lot of Kitchen, Lifestyle and Home experts in attendance so I was honoured to be included with them.

We got to see some of the Kitchen Aid appliances in action and learn about some of the innovative features.  KitchenAid stand mixers may seem expensive but the value comes in all the amazing attachments you can add instead of buying a lot more appliances.  You can make pasta, juice, grind, and one of the coolest attachments is the vegetable sheet cutter.  You can make thin strips on zucchini to make zucchini pasta or lasagna with it.

The Fridge has the touch window front and a double door so you can open things you use frequently without opening the whole fridge.  The appliances are all sleek clean and attractive so they really make your kitchen look great while being super functional.  My pet peeve is design without good function.  That's just art and not design.

After the demos we sat down to a lunch prepared with the techniques shown in the demo.  The lunch main was a citrus marinated pan seared salmon with fresh pasta and Kale.  Some people attended a breakfast session and had different treats.
As you can see from the photo above there were also pastries for dessert and an Ice cream that was made using the KitchenAid stand mixer with the Ice Cream maker attachment.

It was a quick and well organized lunch and I enjoyed it very much.  If you are planning your dream home I encourage you to look at KitchenAid appliances to make your kitchen sparkle and your cooking easier and more fun.

*Disclaimer:  I was invited for a complimentary lunch and some of the photos were provided and some are my own.  All of the opinions are my own. Sponsored post.

More About some KitchenAid appliances:

KITCHENAID® COUNTER-DEPTH FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR WITH FRESHVUE™ DOOR-WITHIN-DOOR (LAUNCHING FEBRUARY 2018) Designed with the cook in mind, this refrigerator has storage flexibility, premium finishes and stylish wood paneling with the added convenience of the FreshVue™ Door-within-Door. Home chefs love the proximity lighting and Door-within-Door feature because they can quickly see and access their favourite fresh ingredients. This refrigerator is available February 2018 in stainless steel, black stainless steel, and PrintShield™ stainless steel exterior, which resists smudges to keep your working kitchen looking beautiful. MSRP: $5,999

KITCHENAID® STAND MIXER ATTACHMENTS KITCHENAID® VEGETABLE SHEET CUTTER From substituting pasta and wraps with vegetable sheets, to re-inventing snacks and sweet dishes, the Vegetable Sheet Cutter helps inspire fresh versions of everyday dishes. Two interchangeable blades allow you to produce thinner or thicker sheets, depending on your preference or recipe. Compatible with all Stand Mixer models, the KitchenAid® Vegetable Sheet Cutter attaches to the Power Hub of your Stand Mixer for fast, hands-free results. MSRP: $249.99 (KSMSCA) 

KITCHENAID® SPIRALIZER PLUS WITH PEEL, CORE AND SLICE Compatible with all KitchenAid® Stand Mixer models, it’s the first automated spiralizer on the market, leveraging the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer’s motor and hands-free operation. By using a combination of accessories, the attachment’s five blades can perform several functions including peeling, slicing and coring most fruits and vegetables. The two distinct spiral blades can create thin noodles or thicker strands. MSRP: $249.99 (KSM2APC) 

KITCHENAID® 5-PIECE PASTA DELUXE SET Powered by the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer, this set includes five pieces - Pasta Roller, Spaghetti Cutter, Fettuccine Cutter, Lasagnette Cutter and Capellini Cutter – to make authentic, fresh pasta from scratch. Compatible with all KitchenAid® Stand Mixer models, the Pasta Roller rolls 6-inch sheets of pasta with 8 thickness settings so you can make your pasta as thick as you like. MSRP: $379.99 (KSMPDX

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Food Docs to check out at Planet in Focus

The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival takes place this weekend and they have some fantastic Food Documentaries in their program this year.   These are some of the films that will be screened at the festival.  I have seen a few of them and I can tell you that they are worth checking out.

On the Saturday of the festival there will also be a FOOD Panel after a couple of the films during the day at Innis Town Hall.

My recommendation is to make sure you go see WASTED: The Story of Food because you will have this film in your head at every step of your everyday life.

FOOD COOP Thomas Boothe, France, 2016, 97 min
Sitting between the immersive institutional portraiture of Frederick Wiseman and 
Broad City’s knowing send­up of gentrified Brooklyn, Food Coop offers an engaging and often humorous look at Park Slope’s wildly successful socialist supermarket.

This film is an interesting look at a new way to shop for your weekly groceries and eat better food for less money and at the same time getting to know a like minded community of people.  It has a very New York feel and you will like the different people in the community of Co Op people.

Saturday 21 October, 12:30pm ­ Innis Town Hall
Screens with FIXED! (Cat Mills)

MODIFIED Aube Giroux, Canada, 2017, 86 min[Canadian]
Canadian director Aube Giroux’s first feature, 
Modified, weaves stories of her participation in citizen led movements to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs), with interviews from activists Jane Goodall and Rachel Parent, and personal narratives of family, gardening, food, health, and loss. A touching and thoughtful film, Modified, is activism inspired by love.

I haven't had a chance to see this one but hoping to see it at the festival on Saturday.  GMO food is something that everyone should be educated on because people estimate that there may not be enough food in the world to feed everyone by 2050 but is GMO food the answer and what will it do to future generations?

Saturday 21 October, 3:45pm ­ Innis Town Hall
Guest: Aube Giroux

WASTED! THE STORY OF FOOD WASTE Anna Chai/Nari Kye, USA, 2017, 85 min
Slick, solution­-oriented, and featuring Anthony Bourdain at his sardonic best, 
WASTED! The Story of Food Waste is that rare social issue documentary that’s every bit as entertaining as it is informative.

I absolutely loved this film, so much that I watched it intently twice.  I love Anthony Bourdains sarcastic, brutal honesty and his straight forward no B.S. delivery of the reason this film was made.
It  has the same visual appeal as his show Parts Unknown which was Emmy winning.   It also has the great story telling and fact driven intensity that keeps you interested in the subject and the speakers in the film.  I have seen a lot of documentaries so it wasn't extremely shocking for me but for those that aren't as educated about where our food comes from and goes to, it's a real in your face reality check.  I highly recommend you see it with your friends and family because you may have a great discussion about what you are doing everyday and ways to make changes.   Since watching this documentary I have started a Wasted Soup Crockpot that my coworkers have contributed their excess food scraps to and it's been simmering away almost every day for the past 2 weeks.

Saturday 21 October, 6:45pm ­ Innis Town Hall
Screens with THE POACHER (Nicholas Jones) 

DEAD DONKEYS FEAR NO HYENAS Joakim Demmer, Sweden/Germany/Finland, 2017, 80 min
Famine stricken Ethiopia is exporting food to Europe while receiving aid from the World Bank to feed its population. Director Joakim Demmer investigates this scandalous situation, showing how the government has leased or sold bountiful land to foreigners while locals survive on handouts from abroad.

I have not seen this film yet but I have seen the trailer and it looks pretty interesting and kind of eye opening at what goes on with food that is supposed to help people in need.  

Saturday 21 October, 9:30pm ­ Innis Town Hall
Screens with KÉKWU (Sean Stiller)

THE LAST PIG Allison Argo, USA, 2017, 53 min
The Last Pig, by Emmy award­-winning filmmaker Allison Argo, is an intimate reflection on animal treatment, following ethical pig farmer, Bob Comis, as he contemplates his transition out of raising animals for slaughter. The film takes a meditative approach to animal activism.

What happens when a Pig farmer decides he has a crisis of conscience and decides to stop being a Pig Farmer.  The Last Pig is one mans journey to change his life plan and look at what his contribution to the world is.

Sunday 22 October, 2:30pm ­ The Al Green Theatre at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre


CAN YOU DIG THIS? Delila Vallot, USA, 2015, 85 min
Self-­described “Gangsta gardeners,” including the charismatic Ron Finley, are leaders in the emerging urban gardening movement springing up in notoriously rough South Los Angeles. These gardeners embrace life and their positive energy permeates the community, changing the meaning of what it is to be gangster.

This film is super inspiring to see people struggle but at the same time 1 person can make a difference just by planting a garden.  With a whole host of characters from low income communities and the champions that take it upon themselves to make a difference.

Sunday 22 October, 7:45pm ­ Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
Guests: Ron Finlay 

Ron Finley, and executive produced by John Legend. Following the film Finley will be presented with the 2017 International Eco-Hero award and will give an address about his practice.

Also of note there will be a tribute to the late filmmaker Rob Stewart (Sharkwater) who was a friend of the festival.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Edgy Veg Cookbook launch

I got an invitation to the launch of Candice Hutchings new Cookbook the EDGY VEG at the YouTube space downtown.  Although I had never heard of Candice who has a YouTube channel with her recipes I was curious to find out about what she has been cooking up.  She claims to make Vegan food that will satisfy a carnivore.  Candice wrote the cookbook with her husband who isn't a vegan so she was trying to come up with recipes that would satisfy his tastebuds and that they could both be happy with.

I have to say that the Youtube space is a very cool little spot and they had Activated Charcoal lemonade as well as Kombucha Mimosa's for everyone to sample along with wine.

I was there with my fellow bloggers Natalie (Cooking Quidnunc) and Shuang (The Teleporta).  The room was filled with all kinds of people including Abbey Sharp from Abbey's Kitchen and Home Economist/tv personality Mairlyn Smith who we had a very nice chat with.

I can't say that much about the food because I only sampled 2 things,  the Pulled Jackfruit Slider which was really good and was meant to be a substitute for pork.

I also had a small bit of the "cauliflower chicken wings"  basically a tempura like batter dipped cauliflower with a chicken wing sauce.  I love cauliflower so I also enjoyed this bite.

We didn't stay very long so I think we missed a few things.  I saw that there was a Vegan chocolate Mousse that we missed.  

But I did like what I tried and would recommend checking out Candice's Youtube channel or picking up her new EDGY VEG cookbook at an Indigo bookstore near you.


Facebook: /theedgyveg

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Grand Opening - Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

The grand opening of Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
King West's newest brewery and restaurant. ​

Northern Maverick Brewing 
Tuesday, September 26
115 Bathurst St., Toronto 
T 416-540-4030

Hashtag: #NorthenMaverickBrewing
Twitter: @NorthernMavBeer
Instagram: @NorthernMaverickBrewing


I was lucky to be invited to the Grand Opening of the New Northern Maverick Brewing Co on Bathurst Street just north of King Street.   Maverick Brewing is a Restaurant/Bar with a Beer store attached to it.

It's a huge beautiful space with a large open patio.  With very high ceilings that have barrels hung from the ceiling as their decor.  The space is lovely and open and the Bar stretches the length of the restaurant.

When I arrived there was a long table full of high quality cheeses.  They will have Great Canadian cheeses and charcuterie boards available on their regular menu.

The charcuterie station was at the other end of the restaurant and popcorn on the tables.
They had a long oyster bar and a selection of PEI and BC oysters.

They had passed food served around and one of the best things I tried was their Oxtail Jamaican Patty.  I think they only had a few at the beginning so I was lucky to get one.   I also tried a zuchiini ricotta cake, a smoked trout on potato cake, a vegetarian slaw on wonton chip,  and Duck pate on a crostini.

It was a really hot night and the windows were all open so it was extremely hot inside so I was really happy to see little cups of their maple bacon ice cream.  It melted pretty quickly but it tasted great.

Although it's not in an area near my home or office I hope that I get a chance to check out their regular menu at some point.

It's a great place to hang out with a bunch of friends for drinks.  Although I don't drink beer and didn't try their own Northern Maverick beer I can say it's a great place to chill if you do enjoy beer.

They also have a brunch menu so it might be worth a try on a weekend morning meetup with your best pals.

* Disclaimer:  The food was complimentary but the opinions and photos are my own. #sponsored

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Avo Alley PopUp - Dinner in Graffitt Alley

On a beautiful summer evening I was really lucky to attend a party in a parking lot.  Not like any other popup that I have been to.  This popup in the back driveway of a building in Graffitti Alley was hosted by Chef Matt Dean Pettit of the former Rock Lobster restaurants and currently of Matty's Seafood Brands.  I know Matt but other than my friend Natalie who told me about the event, I didn't know anyone one else that attended the dinner.  It was open to the general public to sample a dinner made with the new Avocado Oil Becel Margarine.  Most people don't know how to use avocados in different ways so it was Matt's challenge to use the Becel in different ways.  Matt is a lot of fun and very engaging and made everyone feel very comfortable.  He also served us some really great food.  My favourite things were the Tuna Nachos and the Parmesan Brussel Sprouts.  We also had a Quinoa cauliflower salad and a Peach Meringue cake dessert.

Avocados are one of the biggest food trends, but despite their popularity, a recent survey commissioned by Becel® showed that 1 in 2 Canadians don't know how to incorporate avocados into their meals and recipes. Addressing these barriers, today Becel® is introducing Becel® with Avocado Oil; 
On September 14thand 15th, to celebrate the launch of the new product, Becel® will hosted an avocado-themed pop-up restaurant called Avo Alley in a parking spot behind a building in the vibrant area of Graffiti Alley in downtown Toronto. It was beautifully decorated for a summer Al Fresco Dining event.
Becel®  partnered with famed chef, Matt Dean Pettit (Matty's Seafood), who has developed special recipes for the occasion, demonstrating the versatility of Becel® with Avocado Oil
Torontonians attended the ultra-exclusive event by reserving a table on YP Dine.
Check out Chef Matt Dean Pettit's exclusive recipes, along with an assortment of new recipes from Becel®, all featuring Becel® with Avocado Oil, on

Becel® with Avocado Oil is low in saturated fat, has no trans fats, provides a source of essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fat, and has no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. It is made from a blend of plant and seed oils, including Canadian canola oil and avocado oil, as well as a few other ingredients including buttermilk powder, water, and a pinch of salt. Altogether you can feel good about choosing Becel® with Avocado Oil as part of your heart healthy lifestyle.
Becel® with Avocado Oil can be used as a direct 1:1 substitution for butter, resulting in delicious and better-for- you savoury dishes and baked goods, including 80% less saturated fat.
For more information, visit

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste - see it at Planet in Focus


Anna Chai/Nari Kye, USA, 2017, 85 min

Slick, solution­-oriented, and featuring Anthony Bourdain at his sardonic best, 
WASTED! The Story of Food Waste is that rare social issue documentary that’s every bit as entertaining as it is informative.

Do you remember when Documentaries where things you were forced to watch in High School,  well this isn't one of those.  It's eye opening and educational but it's also whitty and interesting.  It puts food waste into perspective and you will feel a twinge of guilt the next time you throw food into the garbage and forget about it.  This documentary is one that SHOULD be shown in schools to young children so that they learn where there food comes from and where it goes if they don't eat it.
Anthony Bourdain doesn't consider himself a food activist but food waste was ingrained in his culinary training where food costs are paramount to the success or failure of a restaurant.  it's just smart not to waste any food in a restaurant but it also applies to real life.  

I highly recommend everyone watch this film.  It has so many well known people in the food industry discussing different aspects of the food supply chain and how everyone can do their part to make a difference.  

You can see it at the Planet in Focus Film festival in Toronto  in October 2017.

PLANET IN FOCUS Screening Times: Saturday 21 October, 6:45pm ­at Innis Town Hall

Screens with THE POACHER (Nicholas Jones) 

20th Anniversary - Taste Canada Awards

Taste Canada Awards - 20 years of Canadian culinary writing.

Taste Canada Awards / Les Lauréats des Saveurs du Canada drew 82 book submissions, and 65 Blog submissions this year, a brilliant snapshot of the vibrancy and diversity of Canadian culinary writing and publishing.

The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony and Gala Reception on Monday, October 30th, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Hosted by the Food Network Canada's Noah Cappe.

The Gala is a one-of-a-kind gastronomic celebration with more than a dozen chef-led food stations and Red Carpet. Taste Canada Awards will also name this year’s Hall of Fame Award inductees (living and posthumous) sponsored by The Culinary Historians of Canada, and the winner of Cooks the Books, a culinary student competition.

The 2017 Shortlist 
Taste Canada Awards celebrates Canada’s food culture and world-class culinary writers of books and blogs in English and French. Read who's on the shortlist here

2017 Cooks the Books on October 29th. Join the pre-gala Student Chef Battle!

Eat to the Beat - 60 Female Chefs-1 Event- 1 Cause



Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 7 pm – 10 pm | Roy Thomson Hall

Eat to the Beat presented by KitchenAid is a signature event of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and is celebrating its 22nd year on Tuesday, October 17 from 7pm – 10pm at Roy Thomson Hall (60 Simcoe Street). It is the only event in Canada that exclusively features the talent of 60 female chefs – women supporting women through the challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. General Admission Tickets are $189 and include all food and beverages (a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount). For tickets or to see the line-up of chefs and beverage participants, please visit

Guests can enjoy specially prepared savoury and sweet dishes at 60 stations, along with wine, beer and a selection of non-alcoholic libations from 20 of the finest beverage purveyors set up around Roy Thomson Hall’s outer lobby.

In addition to food and drink, colourful and whimsical one-of-a-kind corsets, inspired by food and created and modelled by breast cancer survivors, have become an integral part of Eat to the Beat.

Started 21 years ago by sisters Lisa and Abby Slater, Eat to the Beat has raised more than $3.9 million since its inception. Funds raised at Eat to the Beat will be directed towards supporting the full spectrum of breast cancer programs and services of the Canadian Cancer Society - from important research where the latest innovations are developed to direct patient support – and will benefit not only the estimated 25,000 Canadian women who are diagnosed every year with this disease, but also the families and friends who love and support them.

Participating chefs that will be featured at this year’s Eat to the Beat include:

Sandra Abballe, Succulent Chocolates and Sweets
Suzanne Barr, Saturday Night Dinette
Vanessa BaudanzaThe Rolling Pin
Isabelle Loiacono, The Rolling Pin
Wanda Beaver, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky
Renee Bellefeuille, Art Gallery of Ontario
Cathy Beneway, Creative Catering by Cathy
Tifffany Miquel, George Restaurant
Emma Beqaj, Emma's Eatery Catering
Shannon Bolak, Ace Bakery
Arvinda Chauhan, Arvinda's
Preena Chauhan, Arvinda's
Tiiu Christie, Marigolds and Onions
Tysa Christie, Marigolds and Onions
Jeanne da Silva, George Brown College Chef School
Amy Symington, George Brown College Chef School
Felicia Derose, Chase
Donna Dooher, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
Stephanie Duong, Roselle Desserts
Rossy Earle, SupiCucu
Alexandra Feswick, The Drake Hotel
Kimberley Humby, East & Main Bistro
Anna Janes, Cocomira Confections
Charlotte Langley, Groundwork Food and Scout Canning
Tara Lee, Eastbound Brewing Co.
Jacqueline Lo, Ruelo Patisserie
Lynn Mendelson, Lynn Mendelson Catering
Joan Monfaredi, Park Hyatt Hotel
Lauren Mozer, Elle Cuisine
Andrea Nicholson, Butchie’s and Killer Condiments
Leona Nyman, Azzurra
Suzanne Baby, Gallery Grill at Hart House
Catherine O’Donnell, Willow Cakes and Pastries
Christine Ostiguy, Yorkshire Pudding Catering
Angela Panigas, The Sultan’s TentCafé Moroc
Véronique Perez, Crêpes à GoGo Spadina, Limonana
Jennifer Perusini, BerBer Social
Andrea Porier, Inn on the Twenty
Karen Rachlin, Bite Catering
Nuit Regular, Kiin, Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar, Sukhothai Restaurant
Emily Richards, Professional Home Economist
Dufflet Rosenberg, Dufflet Pastries
Alida Solomon, Tutti Matti
Lili Sullivan, Pomodoro
Elaine Wong, The Omni King Edward Hotel
Vanessa Yeung, Aphrodite Cooks
Leyla Kizilirmak, Art Square Gallery and Café

Eat to the Beat at a Glance:
DATE:         Tuesday, October 17, 2017
TIME:          7pm – 10pm
VENUE:       Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto (St. Andrew subway station) 
COST:         General Admission Ticket: $189 
                          Tickets include dishes at 60 stations along with wine, beer and non-alcoholic libations.
(a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount)
DRESS:       Smart casual
FACEBOOK:     @CCSToronto
Event Page:      Eat to the Beat
HASHTAG:       #EattotheBeat #CancerFighter

About Eat to the Beat and the Canadian Cancer Society:
The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. Eat to the Beat is formerly an event of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and has now become a signature event of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) as a result of the two organizations’ recent merger in February 2017. The result of this union is a bigger impact on cancer research and support programs across all types of cancer, including breast cancer. The combined organization will preserve the mandate and spirit of CBCF, including its key programs and activities. CCS remains committed to investing in breast cancer.

Charitable Registration No. 11882 9803 RR0001