Friday, February 10, 2012

When Health meets taste you get RAWLICIOUS

When you think of Raw food or Organic Healthy food what do you think of? Bland, boring, healthy, dull food? Well it doesn't have to be that way. There is a good example of a place that makes it work in Yorkville and a few other locations and that's RAWLICIOUS restaurant on Cumberland St. I visited it today for lunch. It followed a healthy tour of the Big Carrot Grocery store on the Danforth for healthy shopping consultation with Julie Daniluk the Healthy Gourmet's nutritionist. I wanted to show the subject of the film we were shooting that there are places to eat at in Toronto that are healthy while still feeling like you aren't sacrificing taste.

First up we all ordered the Red Pepper Soup. It wasn't exactly raw as it was roasted red pepper soup and it was hot but it was really delicious and hit the spot on a cold day. It had a fresh roaster pepper full flavoured taste that just felt like comfort.

Next we ordered a couple of Taco flavoured creations. I ordered the Taco Salad and my lunch mate ordered the Taco Wrap. Similar but slightly different. The salad had a nice kick of spice that really perked up your taste buds. I am not usually a salad person but the avocado and taco flavourings sounded like huge flavour to me....and it was. I would go back for this salad anytime. It came with a couple of some kind of tortilla chip but I am not sure exactly what it was made of but it was something that was probably made in a dehydrator.
This is my Taco Salad:

This is the Taco Wrap:

it's wrapped in collard greens.

This place was a lovely little place on Cumberland St. just west of Yonge Street. The service was really good as well so it was a really great healthy lunch experience. I would recommend it if you need to skip the junk food and eat something that will help you get through your day.

They have a few locations but we were closest to Yorkville so that's the one we tried.

It really is RAWLICIOUS


  1. I haven't been here before but I'd like to try it out. How $$$ was it?
    Don't your insides feel so much better now that you ate all this healthy food?

  2. The price was reasonable. Yes my body thanked me for putting good food in it all day. Real food always makes a difference...problem is you don't always know if you are getting real food when you buy stuff


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