Friday, February 10, 2012

Julie Daniluk meets the EcoLosers

I had the pleasure of filming Super Nutritionist Julie Daniluk at the Big Carrot Organic Grocery Store on the Danforth in Toronto today for a new Documentary called Eco Losers. It's about an Oakville family trying to lose weight and reduce their waste production to lower their Eco footprints. I am directing and filming the documentary and kind of acting like a food consultant along the way.

Heather and Paul are finding it challenging to choose the best food products that will give them the nutrition they need as well as not putting an eco burden on the Environment. Julie assisted them in choosing some great food products that will boost their ability to lose weight without boosting their Eco footprint. I think Heather and Paul learned more today about food than they have in a very long time.

As we are only in the second month of filming I hope that Julie's great advice will carry them forward to making better choices that will affect their weight loss goals over the course of our year of filming. I even learned a few things today.

Julie has just released her new Book called Meals that Heal Inflammation available at the Big Carrot, Indigo, Amazon and other booksellers, and it has great tips, information and recipes that Heather will now be able to use to guide her way through eating healthier foods.

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