Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Hearts for your Sweethearts

February is the month of Love. It's the month that chocolate and candy sales go through the roof with people buying Chocolate and Candy confections to put their sweethearts in a sweet mood. The endorphins you get from eating chocolate are the same as getting it from sex. No wonder a lot of people are addicted to chocolate. I know more than a few chocoholics including myself.

Has Valentine's Day become just another way for marketers to cash in on an inflated holiday or a way for girls to guilt guys into showing their love for them?

What about all the single people like me that Love Chocolate and love the candies but don't have anyone to give them gifts of confectionary goods. Go out and buy them for yourself is what I say. Don't wait for anyone to give you what you want. Go out and buy them for yourself if you want them.

If you have a boyfriend that is anti-valentine's day or just to cheap or lazy to get you anything then you have 2 choices....1. Dump him or 2. Go get your own goodies.

I opt for 2 if he is good in other areas...but if he is no good all around then why are you keeping him/her around anyway.

If you are single go out and buy a lovely bouquet of flowers and your favourite sweet treat...not too much...but just enough to feel the sugar love.
Invite single friends over and have them bring some valentine's Day goodies and swap them with each other like you would for christmas gifts. That way nobody goes home without some treats.

Start a new tradition. Do something different. You don't have to do what is expected but if you do have a sweetheart do something unexpected often to show that you care anytime during the year so that it's more of a surprise than an expectation.

It's not about how much money you spend. You can buy a small truffle box of 4 Belgian chocolate truffles and wrap it up in a beautiful box and add 1 flower and that would be enough to show that you made an effort and that you care. It's not about the quantity it's about the quality.

You can even buy your friends and families favourite goodies and wrap them up nice and show them you love them just as much as your special someone.

Share the love and share the candy. Have some sweet treats with your sweetheart or your loved ones whoever they may be.

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