Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buster's Sea Cove shows the love of fish on Eat St.

For the Love of Fish Tacos

Today 2 things I really like came together to show the world how good they go together.   What's that? Well one of my favourite Food Network shows is Eat St.  It shows great food trucks that make unusual but great things all over the world.   And today Eat St. filmed Buster's Sea Cove truck in downtown Toronto.

Both Buster's Sea Cove and Caplansky's Food Trucks were parked at Front and Bay St. in front of the Royal Bank Building.   When I got there at about 12:30 there was a lineup for both of them but I was on a mission to get some fish tacos from Buster's Sea Cove.   Buster's sea cove has a very popular spot in St. Lawrence Market where people line up at lunch for very fresh seafood delights.

Today's menu for Buster's Sea Cove was the Lobster Roll, the fish taco, the shrimp taco and Key Lime Pie.   The truck was opened for business at 11am and by the time I got to the front of the line just after 12:30pm the key lime pie was already sold out.  Darn... I really wanted to try that.   I have had a couple of things at the St. Lawrence Market location but on Canada Day I got to try the Lobster Roll and Fish Taco when the truck was parked at Mel Lastman Square for the Canada Day festivities.   It was a hot day and the Fish Taco was light but had a nice kick of flavour.  Really great on a hot day with a squeeze of lime on top.   I went back later and had the Lobster Roll.  It was also delicious.    But today I wanted to try the Shrimp Tacos.

I added a bit or maybe a bit too much of the hot sauce they had on the side of the truck. I would say a bit much because my lips went numb after eating these tacos.   But they were delicious.  There were 3 crispy medium sized shrimp.. not sure what kind of shrimp but they were nice and tender and not rubbery at all and coated in a great batter and deep fried to perfection.   My only complaint was that the tasty but juicy salsa soaked through the soft taco shells and made it difficult to keep them together  so they were on the messy side.  I was glad that I didn't have to go back to work in an office after lunch just in case.   There were a lot of people in line that were obviously on their lunch from working in the Royal Bank as they were dressed in dress shirts and pants and the women in dresses and skirts.  It does seem a little odd to see so many well dressed people chowing down on sloppy tacos and deli foods.   But it seemed like everyone loved it.

The Eat St. Crew were there to film Buster's Sea Cove's truck and I am not sure when it will air but I am guessing sometime next season.  You probably won't see me as I basically wolfed down my tacos and left not long after that.   But I am curious to see what people say about it.

If you see the Buster's Sea Cove truck and have a chance to stop by and pick up some food I would highly recommend it....but make sure you aren't wearing a white or bring a bib just in case.

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