Sunday, July 22, 2012

T and T Night Market - street food in a parking lot

There are a whole lot of food events happening in Toronto this summer and one of the ones I check out on Friday night was the T and T night market.  This is the 3rd year of the market.  I missed last years but went to the first one.  It's pretty amazing what they have accomplished in 3 years.

If you are young and Asian or even a family there are things for you to do there.   Do you like Asian Street foods?  They got that.   Do you like Chinese Dragons and Lions?  They got that.   Do you like Asian movies?  They got that.   They even have live music and a kids play area and other vendors too.   All this takes place in the T and T Supermarket parking lot.

Be prepared to line up for some food if you don't get there early.  In the first year I think I waited an hour and a half to get some beef skewers.  They were tasty but it was a long wait.

The first thing I had when I arrived, and I got there just after it opened, was the STINKY TOFU,  No I am not exaggerating.  That's that they call it and that's what it smells like.  That's the smell you will smell all through the parking lot so be prepared if you are sensitive to smells.

I had this last time and I think there are differences in the vendors because some seemed to serve it with different sauces.  I had a chili sauce and some kind of sweet sauce.  I think there were better ones but I had enough of the one I had so I didn't try any others.

One of my favourite things that I try and get when I am in Chinatown is the Chinese Waffles.  They are little round waffles instead of the usual square ones.  They are so good when they are hot out of the waffle iron.

Another popular thing at the market was Tempura shrimp wrapped in potato strings on a stick.   Things on a stick were the trend of the market.

There were BBQ's set up all over the place grilling all kinds of meats, lamb, beef and even squid and some other things.

It's a great community building event and something to experience if you aren't familiar with Asian Night Markets.  This seems to be catching on in Toronto because it was jam packed and there seems to be a few night markets popping up in the city now.  Anytime you can have a diverse food experience without leaving town it's a good thing.


  1. This is really cool, I had no idea there were any night markets in Toronto. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. There was another one in Markham recently too.. not sure how often that one happens.

  3. What was your favourite food that night?

  4. I didn't eat much but my fav was the waffles.. i always get them when i am around Spadina.

  5. The Chinese waffles sound interesting. I don't think I've ever tasted them before.

  6. You can get the chinese waffles at the chinatown centre spadina/dundas... they have them in the inside of the mall at a little stand. you get a bag of them and pull them apart one by one.. so good.. they had toppings at the market but i always eat them plain... less sticky that way.

    1. Cool! I will check it out one day.


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