Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ten thousand tastes -Veggie tastes good

There was an event at Yonge and Dundas Square yesterday called Ten Thousand Tastes.  It was a whole day event promoting eating Vegetarian food.   They handed out 10,000 vegan hamburgers.  This is one of them.  They are made by Gardein and the condiments were organic ketchup and mustard.  They probably could have bumped up the nutrition on the burger bun but overall the taste of the burger was great.  It didn't taste like you were sacrificing flavour for health and it tasted as good and maybe even better than some of the store bought burgers I have had over the years.   There is only one problem.   They aren't available in all grocery stores and it takes a bit of hunting to find them.   I went to food basics and they didn't have any of the burgers and only had the chicken cutlets.

I am sure a whole bunch of people that tried these burgers at the event either didn't know they were vegan or just wanted a free burger and didn't care.   But if a bunch of people were converted to buying these burgers instead of the usual frozen hamburgers then I think a whole lot of things would change in the world.  Manufacturers would have to look at what they produce differently.  If they did a taste test on some cheap burgers versus this veggie burger and people liked the taste of the veggie burger and started buying them instead that would be something.   Veggie burgers cost the environment a whole lot less than a meat burger and if people all over the world switched up these burgers we might be able to slow down the global warming effect that is happening... even though they will tell you it isn't.   Think about how the weather has changed in the world over the past 10 years and if that's not an indication that we are doing something wrong than I don't know what is.

Also at this event they were handing out lots of soy and almond milk beverages and tofu stir fry's and some various other things.   They had some musical acts to entertain people and hopefully keep them hanging out in the square just a little bit longer.

The point of this event seemed to be that you don't have to sacrifice eating things that you like or taste good and can also stay healthy and fit in the process.

I still like the taste of meat,  nothing tastes better than a great roast chicken or some pulled pork or a well made steak.... but I will try and keep some of these burgers in my freezer... if I can find them in the stores that is....

I will still eat meat because I like it....but with my current economic instability I am trying to rethink buying and consuming a lot of meat products...both for my health, the global climate and also for my wallet.   I will do my best to try and switch out some animal protein for more plant based proteins.

Try a veggie burger... what have you got to lose?

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  1. I've stopped eating veggie burgers because of the soy content in them.


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