Friday, July 6, 2012

Random act of Coolness

On a very Hot Canada Day I decided to mix my food world with my film world by having my friend Lisa roll my retro pink cooler out to Mel Lastman Square to hand out Free Freeze's to people going to the Square for Canada Day activities and events.  Even though it's a cooler it doesn't keep freeze's cool on a hot day for very long.  I came up with this idea as a Random Act of Coolness a 1 minute short film I decided to shoot for the Toronto Urban Film Festival.  It's a underground film festival that runs on subway screens during september and it shows 1 minute short silent films to commuters during their busy day.

Lisa's pinkness was so popular and Free Freeze's were so welcome on a hot day that we had to turn people away when we ran out of freeze's.   It's amazing how many people love a frozen treat on a hot day.   All freeze's are is flavoured frozen sugar and water but boy do they hit the spot on a hot summer day.

We had a great time cooling off some Toronto residents and visitors and I hope that you can see the people that sampled some of the freeze's on the screens of the Toronto Urban Film Festival this september.   Wish us luck getting it into the festival.  I am hoping Lisa's beautiful pink inspiration will help.

One thing I realized from this experience is that people love to get free food and treats.  It made them very happy.

Give some food away and make some people Happy.

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