Sunday, July 29, 2012

Live Food Bar's Healthy hidden Patio

Are you looking for a Patio to visit this summer that doesn't serve the usual bar food fare?
Do you want to eat Al Fresco and eat healthy food at the same time?
Do you want to eat at a patio that doesn't have cars driving by spewing exhaust fumes?

Then I have the perfect place for you.....

Live Food Bar has a backyard Patio.

This is the favourite haunt of my friend Magie who leads a very healthy lifestyle unlike me.  So when we get together every so often we like to go to Live for Lunch or in this case of today it was more like Sunday Brunch.

I mentioned to my friend that we should go to a patio for lunch and she said we should go to Live and mentioned the backyard patio.  I had no idea they had a back patio so I said yes because I was curious as to why I had never known about it.   You have to walk by the cash and go through a door to get to the back but then you see this lovely little Oasis of orange tables and chairs and rugs hanging on the fence walls.  It doesn't feel like you are in Toronto at all.  There are no cars driving by, although a train passed in the area and the patio shook a bit but that quickly passed.

It's nice to see that there is a healthy food patio in the middle of Toronto that is also lovely.

My friend ordered the quiche and salad.  It was beautiful and she loved it.

I ordered the gluten free waffles with coconut whip cream and mixed berries on top and some potatoes on the side.   The only thing was that the waffles weren't nice and light and were pretty dense so I didn't finish all of it.  The plate looked like a work of art and I liked that I knew it was good for me at least.


  1. Gluten-free baked goods are very high in carbs and also high on the glycemic index. I went gluten-free last fall and gained a LOT of weight. Your friend's meal looks very healthy however as it is loaded with fruits and veggies. I've never been to Live and have been wanting to check it out. The patio looks very lovely.

    1. Hi Joanne - This dish (Funnel Cake) is made mostly from almond pulp (no grains) so its a little heavier than grain waffles and the cake itself does not contain a lot of sugar. I can eat one to myself but I suggest sharing it with a friend if you are dieting. You can also ask your waiter to to omit the lemon powdered sugar sprinkles if you wish ; ) Also you can choose a salad instead of potatoes.. ; ) Warning -- it is addictive.

    2. That's awesome! Good to know. Thanks T!


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