Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gastroposter's eat and talk food

That's me on this button that I received at a recent Gastropost community get together at Little Anthony's Italian + Bar in downtown Toronto.  The reason for the get together...  well no reason except they must have been curious to meet the faces behind all the weekly food missions that people all over Toronto have been posting to Gastropost that have been going into Saturday's National Post Gastropost section.  

I have been to a lot of events and festival parties but this one really was all about food and people that love food.   When we walked in we were greeted by the Gastropost staff who gave us buttons of our gastrosketch pictures.. as above.  So we could identify each other without having to wear those never sticking stickers.  Then the drinks started to flow.  I asked for something citrusy if that's a word and they promptly handed me something that looked like lemonade but was an alcoholic version.  I don't know what it was called but it was great.   They had some charcuterie platters set up on the bar.

Brushetta and risotto balls circulating.   But the best part was that we were asked to submit our favourite pasta memories which were food influences for the chefs menu.   They had little gastropost sketches beside the food that it influenced.   That was a great touch.
It was great to meet some fellow Gastroposter's and the Gastropost team.    This is s very new community and I am happy that I joined in early on in it's development and can't wait to see what things are in the future of all the Gastropost community.

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