Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner with friends at Milestone's

Food REVIEW and Recommendation:

My friends came for a visit yesterday. Sounds pretty ordinary right? The thing about it was that one lives in St. Mary's and the other one lives in Florida. It has been MANY years since all 3 of us had gotten together. I have visited with my friend in St. Mary's over the past few years but haven't seen my other friend in Florida since she moved from Boston to Florida many years ago. They both used to live in Toronto in the 80's when we would hang out and watch local bands or go for Mexican food dinners which were a lot more popular back then. All of the mexican restaurants are gone now so I had to decide where we could go for dinner close to my area so I decided to take them to Milestones. Since my friend lives in the US she doesn't have a Milestone's there and my other friend lives in a small town and isn't able to go out very much so I thought that Milestone's would be the perfect place to take them to. It's one of my standby restaurants in the city. I have had large Brunches there and have celebrated Birthday's there and have had lots of pre and post movie dinners there. It's a very comfortable and visually beautiful restaurant. What I also love is that they constantly add new things to the menu and have seasonal menus. So what was the result of my visit last night when trying to please my friends? They were very impressed so I was glad that I had my good old standby to take them to. We had a lovely corner window booth and when we arrived the weather was clear but grey skies but just as we were having dinner it started to downpour with lightning but magically when we were finished dinner the sun came out again. Interesting how timing works in these instances. Like we were meant to be there at that time. The restaurant wasn't very full because of the long weekend and mostly people from local office buildings and condos go to that location but it was nice and relaxing for us.

We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, the Boconccini Garlic Bread, the Yam Frites, the Seafood Salad and the Prime Rib dinner. My friends enjoyed all of the food. For once I didn't take any photos though so you will have to go and enjoy some for yourself this time.

When you have dinner with good old friends it always makes the food taste better and makes the occasion a lot more enjoyable. My friend commented like it felt like she never left. I think that's the feeling a restaurant like Milestone's shoots for, a familiar place to spend time with friends and family and a place that feels like home or better than home.

What was also interesting was that when I got home I turned on the tv and watched Canada's next Top Chef on the Food Network and they were featuring Milestonee's so I can't wait for my next visit to see what Top chef Canada dishes are featured.

The only thing I forgot to do was use my SCENE card to get points to see some future movies. Another great Milestone's perk.

No I don't work for Milestone's and have no intention of doing so but I have enjoyed many meals there and can always count on having a good time there.

What makes a good restaurant visit are the following:

Great Service
Beautiful atmosphere
Consistent and great tasting Food
Comfortably setting.
Like home but better.

I am happy to say that Milestone's fits into all of these categories.

The Best part of it all is always having Dinner with Great Friends. It always makes the food taste better.

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