Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer BBQ's

There is nothing that smells more like summer than a summer BBQ. Fire, smoke and the smell of charred meat just brings people and fun together.

Yesterday I went to my first official BBQ of the Season at the Canadian Film Centre for the Worldwide Short Film Festival. This is an annual event attached to the festival for filmmakers and media and to announce the film festival's award winners. Some years it rains but they have a large tent just in case but there is nothing better than having the temperature be 27 degrees and clear. It was so hot though that I had to leave a bit early because my already sunburned arms couldn't take any more burn.

What was great about this BBQ was that the Burger sponsor for the BBQ was Lick's. What a great way to have a Lick's burger, out in the sun at the Canadian Film Centre Estate with lots of film people. They also had Pizzaville pizza's, little mini cupcakes and some Gelato ice cream and of course wine, beer and soft drinks.

The day was beautiful and the set up was beautiful as well. Nice way to spend a sunday afternoon.

The last bbq I had at home was some PC Sirloin burgers which were incredibly good by the way and I also grilled some red peppers and asparagus and even some pineapple slices. Although it was only for myself and a friend who was painting my house at the time it was still great having some BBQ'd burgers instead of take out.

It doesn't matter what you put on the grill.. what matters is that it is cooked to perfection and tastes great and is always enjoyed more when shared with friends. That's what summer is all about. Spark up the BBQ and try something new. Grill some veggies or even pineapple or peaches for a great meal.


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