Friday, May 13, 2011

Ici Bistro - French Food in TO

Last night was my BIG Birthday.. won't say which big one, you can guess which milestone it was for yourself. To celebrate I went to ICI Bistro for dinner with 3 friends, one of whom is friends with one of the Owners and Chef JP Challet. While I really wanted to go to Paris for this milestone birthday that wasn't in the cards so the next best thing was to have JP cook some amazing French Food for us in his little Bistro. Yes it was a very little corner neighborhood restaurant with only 24 seats on the corner of Manning and Harbord. I have met JP in the past and we have been talking about going to his new restaurant since it opened but this was the first chance I had and I was glad it was at the same time as my birthday. We started off with these amazing goat cheese and caramelized shallot tarts..mmmmmm.. so good. Then we ordered a few share plates, Charcuterie, Steak Tartare and Croquettes. I loved the Croquettes.. potato goodness. Then on to the mains. My friend ordered the Lamb chops, my other friend ordered the Beef and I ordered the chicken which was the best piece of chicken I have had in I don't know how long. So moist and just enough flavour with a side of haricot vert and a potato galette.

Then JP created a beautiful plate with Happy Birthday written on it and little cups of white chocolate filled with cherry liquered cherries.

While one of my friends was chatting away and didn't notice JP signed a copy of his One Pot Cookbook for him. He was really pleased about that. Now 3 of us have autographed copies of his book that I hope we can cook a recipe together once I move to a new place.

It was a great dinner and JP and staff were great hosts.

Only thing I was sad about was that it was too small to invite more friends so we had to meet up with the rest of my friends for Desert at Moroco in Yorkville. But it was a good nite all in all. Go to ICI Bistro and tell them Linda and Via sent you.. you will enjoy it.


  1. What a delicious sounding evening! Loved your photos, too.

  2. The Happy Birthday platter is very impressive! Glad you had a lovely evening.


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