Wednesday, May 18, 2011

French Toast - Back to the Basics


During the recession or at least my current recession I am more and more going back to basic foods out of necessity and comfort. I am currently not employed and will be selling my house so I am trying to buy less food and cook with less so this recipe fits into my budget and my current life situation.

One of the most basic and classic foods is French Toast. The French created french toast to use up stale bread and make sure that their eggs and milk were used before expiration. Out of necessity comes invention. French toast is a great invention. What's better than fried bread? Nowadays people are experimenting with french toast and stuffing it with different things and adding different flavourings but I always like the classic version.

Stale bread
Pure Vanilla Extract

and fried in butter

Sugar or Maple Syrup on top

Most people have all of these ingredients in their pantry..or if they don't they should. French toast tastes good breakfast, lunch or dinner. But it's probably at it's best when it's eaten for Brunch with friends and family. Share the love..Fry some bread.

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  1. I can't remember when I last had some simple French toast! You're right, it's been getting mighty fancy lately.


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