Thursday, May 12, 2011

Even Fast Food can be Good

Yesterday was McHappy Day at McDonalds. You are wondering why a Foodie is talking about McDonalds? Well it's because McDonald's does some things right like Mc Happy day where they collect money for the Ronald McDonald Charities from their proceeds sold and donations collected. I know most of McDonald's food can be really bad but it also tastes really good sometimes so everything in moderation. You don't need to go Super Size Me everyday on it but having it the odd time is ok. So yesterday I stopped by for breakfast and picked up an Egg McMuffin.. one of the lower calorie breakfasts but killed it by adding the homefries and an Iced Coffee. The iced coffee is only $1 now so it's cheaper than juice and when you are unemployed you think about this kind of thing.

I decided to clear out all the pennies in my car and donate it for McHappy Day and at least my pennies will add with other people's pennies and do some good for people that need assistance from Ronald McDonald house.

So I hope some of you bought some Big Macs and donated some money too yesterday.. It's ok to eat at McDonalds sometimes... Even if you are a Foodie.

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