Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parisienne cafe

Toronto is a city with diversity and we can find almost anything to eat in this city but try and find somewhere to go after you have dinner so that you can have tea or coffee and a little desert with friends to celebrate an occasion and there isn't much out there unless you want to be done by 10 or 11pm. I thought we were a cosmopolitan city? All you can do is go to a bar and drink alcohol after dinner it seems, so what if you don't drink alcohol but want to hang out with friends after 10pm during the week? Where do you go? It's my Birthday this week and a friend has arranged to go to a small but highly popular restaurant owned by a friend but only a few of us can go for dinner so I was looking for a place to meet up in the Annex afterward but it seems that Toronto is sorely lacking in this area. We can go grab a quick coffee on the run or we can go and get drunk but that's about it.

What's missing in Toronto? Well I think we need more European style casual cafe type of Parisienne style places where you can sip on a glass of wine or tea or coffee while enjoying a pain au chocolate or a macaroon or some other tasty pastry or cake while having relaxing conversations with friends... just like you imagine the Paris cafe's to be like. So I wonder why someone hasn't thought of doing that here? The closest thing to that is Moroco in Yorkville but for some reason my friends don't like going there.

If I was an entrepreneur with some cash to blow I would open such a cafe in the hear of town and make it a late night alternative to going out and getting drunk with friends. I am past the age of rowdy partying with friends and just want to chill and chat over some great deserts and a great tea or coffee. Is that too much to ask for in this Big City?

Now if anyone knows any secret places like this please let me know and the rest of the people in Toronto so that we can enjoy it too.

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