Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sial Canada Show 2015 - new products

The Sial Canada Show started today in Toronto and I went down to the Direct Energy Centre to check it out.

It's a huge show with loads of things to try.  There is a very large section dedicated to cheese from all over the world.  I got as far as England and Scotland before I had to stop eating cheeses.  There were also lot's of people slicing up Serrano ham and other hams.  Lot's of jams, jellies, spreads and some other interesting things.

I really liked the Activate water product that has vitamins in the cap that gets released when you open it.  The Pistachio praline was also an interesting product.  I also talked to the owners of a new "Craft Soda" as they call it with unique flavour blends. I don't have a photo but one that I enjoyed was a lemongrass lime flavour. There was fudge packaged to look like salami that you just slice up and serve.

In the why didn't anyone do this before category was the mini croutons from Belgium in different flavours.  Croutons are always too hard to stab with a fork and take over salads.  This way they can be spread through salads.

This year the show's country of honour is Indonesia with a section dedicated to Indonesian products.

During the show 17 WINNERS OF THE 2015 OLIVE D'OR CONTEST were announced.

There are also the 10 finalists for the Innovation Award that are being showcased at the show and one will be chosen as the winner during the show.

Doi Chaang Coffee Co. - Social Medium: Organic and fair trade coffee in 90% biodegradable pod. 12 individually wrapped pods. Innovations: packaging, manufacturing process, marketing positioning. Country: Thailand & Canada/British Columbia. Booth #2245

Exotico - Sumatra Robusta Green Coffee: Instant green coffee for fitness. Low in calories. Drink hot or cold. Innovations: component – recipe. Country: Indonesia. Booth #418

Fantino & Mondello - Dry Salami: Gluten free salami bites in a resealable bag. For appetizer. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #1735

Fresh Attitude Fraiche - Teriyaki, Stir Fry: Asian inspired vegetables and noodle mix in microwaveable and resealable bowl. Innovations: component –recipe, packaging. Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2428

Haskapa - Haskap Juice Drink: Haskap juice in a slim bottle. Made from 187 haskap berries, lightly sweetened. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada/Nova Scotia. Booth #2307

Malimousse - Seafood Dip: Specialty dip with Greek yogurt and fish or seafood. Innovation: component – recipe. Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2209

Nupasta - Konjac Angel Hair: Gluten free. Ready in 1 minute. Made with konjac root and non-GMO soy. Innovation: component – recipe Country: China & Canada/Ontario. Booth#1745

Omax - Nutritious and Delicious Bar: Nutrition bar sold in chilled or frozen range. Preservative free. Innovations: component – recipe, marketing positioning Country: Canada/Québec. Booth #2215

Pure - Infused Maple Syrup: Spice-infused maple syrup in a sophisticated bottle with wooden cap. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada/Nova Scotia. Booth #2307

Walter - All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix: Natural handcrafted Bloody Caesar cocktail mix. No monosodium glutamate, isoglucose, colors or artificial flavors. Innovations: component – recipe, manufacturing process. Country: Canada/British Columbia. Booth #2241

This year they will be donating funds to Second Harvest and Celebrity chef Bob Blumer will be there on thursday for the cheque presentation.

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