Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day - A Smarter way to grow plants.

Smart Pots that let you grow food from your phone

I was recently introduced to a very interesting project underway in India called Greenopia. A young team of farming experts, designers and technologists have come together to make growing food at home and gardening easier for the urban population around the world.  
It's great for people that don't have green thumbs like me and busy people that travel or spend a lot of time away from home but want to be able to grow herbs or other kinds of plants but just don't have the time to keep up with taking care of their plants.
Greenopia, is a sleek smart pot that allows us to grow food at home and care for it even when we’re not around. The internet enabled pot can track soil pH level along with need for water and sunlight.
What's interesting about this app lets us water plants with just a click of a button. The Greenopia community also gives us the option to share and learn experiences from users located world over.

Mani, Co Founder of Greenopia shared his idea behind the project, also believes that food ties everyone together. "We noticed that getting fresh food and ingredients was becoming incredibly difficult. Simultaneously, urban professionals were unable to take good care of their plants – that’s when we thought of creating a technological solution that resolves both problems.”
Greenopia smart pots are made to be virtual gardening assistants that can give you advice and actionable guidance that help keep your plants healthy. 
Greenopia recently won the Indo-Russian MTS Innovatsii Award for 2014. 
They are currently crowdfunding for this unique project on WishberryWith a contribution of an amount as low as $80, you can own a Greenopia smart pot. 
The deadline is 30th of April, so if you need some gardening help from this smart pot to change the way you garden and grow food at home, help them out here:
If you’ve got 10 minutes, have a look at their informative video.

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