Saturday, April 11, 2015

Food & Drink Market this weekend.

What:  Toronto Food and Drink Market
When:  Visited Apr. 10th
Where:  Direct Energy Centre
Cost:  $15 at the door
Website: Toronto Food and Drink Market.

I stopped by the Food and Drink Market on the 1st day of the show Friday afternoon.  It's taking place at the Direct Energy Building at Exhibition Place.  I think I must have spent as much time getting there and back as I did at the show.   Was it worth it?  For me probably not because I have seen many of the vendors before at other shows.  It's a small show in comparison to the Green Living Show or the Delicious Food Show but it's easy to work your way around the show if you don't want to walk around for hours.  There is a food truck alley in the middle with a few new trucks.  I tried the Butter chicken Mac and Cheese from NaanSense one of the new trucks.  I was underwhelmed by the Mac and cheese which wasn't very hot but I really liked the spinach and mango salad that came with it.
A couple of things that I tasted that I liked were the Gluten Free Fish Tacos at the Toppits booth.
I also liked the Red Pepper jelly at a lady named Phyllis' booth.   Then there were the fun T tea guys with some nice Chai tea.  I wanted to buy their tea bottles but already spent too much money.

I did have a long conversation with the owner of Unstick an interesting new product that you use to cook with.  It's kind of a substitute for parchment paper or tin foil.  It comes in different kinds for baking trays and grilling and frying pans.  In a few different compositions.  I picked up a couple to try.  I got the one for the bottom of the oven.  You can re use them and all you need to do is wash them.  Easier than cleaning an oven.  The warranty on it is 5 years.

I started my day with some chocolate Cannoli's from Holy Cannoli.  Had 2 for $2 so that was kind of my breakfast I guess.

There were a few beer and wine vendors and lot's of tea but since I don't drink beer and wine I can't say much about them.

I took the TTC to the show this time because parking down there is a bit of a mess but it took me an hour and a half to get there and an hour and a half to get back.   Friday madness.. the TTC was packed and when I took the Dufferin bus back to Dufferin Station there was a bit of a walker war on the bus with 2 guys with walkers trying to park them at the front of one of the new buses.   Who designs these buses?  They are just dumb... They might lower for a senior to get in but then they can't fit their walkers in the bus.   That's a whole other story..  So that went on for about 10 minutes while other people were trying to get by and move them around.  All I know is it really is harder to get around to these food events these days that sometimes I don't know if it's worth the effort for some of them.

Saturday has a ticketed event with Chef Susur Lee and Sunday has a free limited space demo with Lisa Marie restaurant owner and Fidel Gastros food truck owner Matt Basile.

I would say it's worth going to see Susur or Matt if you can but the cost adds up pretty quick if you pay to get in, parking, pay for samples and then the cost of Susur Lee's Masterclass is $50.   I was lucky last summer to get a free class with Susur at one of his restaurants so he is well worth seeing but be prepared to dish out a bit of cash.

Oh and you get some samples of Triscuits, Cover Leaf toppits and some chips on the way out.

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