Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soupstock - Woodstock for Foodies

It was a beautiful day in Toronto today and perfect for a huge gathering of Foodies in the Woodbine Park near the beaches for SOUPSTOCK.

This was the first time I have attended this event which felt like a kind of Woodstock for Foodies.   Complete with muddy grounds but luckily no rain.

Soupstock is an event that brings together between 180-200 chefs from all over Ontario and some from further away even.   It's purpose is to draw attention to STOP THE MEGA QUARRY.

 It is an Eco event that is presented with the David Suzuki Foundation with the support of the local chef community who come out and provide a variety of hot soups that you can purchase for 3 samplings for $10.  It's a bring your own bowl and spoon event but there were vendors on hand selling bowls if you forgot yours.

The event ran from 11am to 4pm but by the time I got there close to 3pm there were already vendors that had sold out of their soups and started to pack up.  So I don't know what I missed.   All I know is that there was a huge line up for the lobster soup.

I tried 2 soups and opted to pick up some Brick street buns for my 3rd ticket.

I tried a Potato and Leek soup with a bit of chevre and croutons on top.  It was delicious and had some sort of herb or flavouring that I am still trying to figure out.

I also tried a Japanese soup that seemed like it would be a really healthy soup with mushrooms...not my favourite but I know they are good for me  and it also had carrots and I think daikon radish, chicken and a bunch of other things that I wasn't sure about.  It was very flavourful and something I know I wouldn't have made at home so it's always nice to try something you know you will never make yourself.

Even with the muddy ground and no tables or seats it was still a huge event that was well attended.   This should be a sign to city councillors that Torontonians want something other than hot dog vendors and sit down restaurants.   We want food events that we can attend with friends and family and have a choice as to what and how we eat.

I am glad I was able to attend even though I wasn't able to get there until close to the end but I still got to try a couple of soups and see what a great even it was.

Next year I will make sure I don't have anything planned so that I can go early and sample some great soups.

And on a side note... I am not even a big soup person but it's nice to try some different soups to maybe expand what you think about soups.

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  1. No soup for me. I was at GBC making bread. Looks like there was a lot of people there. Oh well, maybe next year.


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