Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arsenic in Your Food

Arsenic in Your Food | Consumer Reports Investigation

I just ate some take out rice and had to hope that it was prepared the proper way.  I am assuming since it was mushy and tasteless that it was probably rinsed... but who knows.

It seems as though you play Russian Roulette when you buy food these days...   you aren't safe buying Beef, Rice, even vegetables have pesticides and e coli or other things on them..   You can't starve so I guess you just have to figure out ways to build your immune system to be able to handle anything you attempt to eat these days.

The only way to totally control your food is to grow your own food in a green house using filtered water and Organic seeds and hope that no run off water seeps in anywhere.    But since this isn't too realistic for most people you have to take your chances.    My recommendation is to take loads of Antioxidants.   I am trying a new one and will comment in a couple of weeks whether I feel a difference.

Stay as healthy as you can and try and make the best choices you can.

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  1. Very true! Where did you buy your antioxidants from?


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