Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Loblaws Administrative job cuts

Loblaw Companies Limited - Loblaw Announces Leaner Head Office Structure

I wonder if some of these job cuts are a direct reflection of the beef recall's and the general public's distrust for the big corporate way of getting their food.   I was in a local producer's shop yesterday and the guy at the store said business has been increasing since the beef recall.  

I think big changes in the food system are going to happen soon.     What would happen if everyone just stopped eating meat?  Meat is the biggest cost to a grocery budget and probably what the big supermarkets make most of their money on.

I can't say this is good news as a person that normally makes a living doing administrative jobs I am finding they are all drying up to "save costs".    This is why I have turned to writing more food blog posts.

I find it sad that food is being wasted because of bad processing safety measures.   If al the food we waste in North America could be shipped to developing countries before it's wasted then there wouldn't be any hunger in the world.

We need to find answers to some of these problems or there won't be food for anyone in the world soon.

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