Thursday, October 25, 2012

I love Chocolate Fondue

When you think of the 70’s food trends you think about Fondue pots, but Fondue is back; the proof being a new fondue restaurant opened in Richmond Hill recently.  Fondue is a great way to bring friends together at a dinner party.  It can be a simple but decadent and guilty pleasure dessert or appetizer depending on whether you make chocolate or cheese fondue.   My favourite (not) so guilty pleasure is a Classic Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries for dipping.  It’s so quick and easy..  Heat chocolate, dip strawberry = food love.

Chocolate is the simplest thing to make but tastes like the most decadent thing to eat.

What's not to love...  good chocolate, heavy cream and some booze or flavouring like Brandy or Kahlua mixed in.  You can even spice it up with hot pepper spices if you want a mexican style chocolate.

My first short film was called Potluck.  It was about a potluck party of course but I had 2 fondue pots set up in the party scene, one for chocolate fondue and one for cheese fondue.   The chocolate fondue was a great prop for a food gag and I think made it a fun shoot to be on when we finished shooting.   Eat the props.  Best way to tear down a set.   Eat it.

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