Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toronto Pearson Airport gets a fresh taste from local chefs

Toronto Pearson cooks up innovative dining program, welcoming premiere local chefs to the airport

This is some great news for all the people that travel through Toronto's Pearson Airport.  Being stuck in airports is like being stuck in jail sometimes with delays and not being able to leave and being forced into eating the really bad food in the airports.  Well Toronto is finally going to bring things in to the 21st century by getting some high powered local chefs together to finally bring some good food to our airport.   I can hear all the business travellers saying "It's about time".  

With a Global city like Toronto full of Foodies and travelling foodies, this makes perfect sense and it's a wonder that nobody thought of this when the new terminal was being built.

Maybe we can become the Best Airport to get stuck in the World after this gets up and running.  

Let's make Toronto a  World Class Food City...even if Air Canada can be crappy sometimes our food doesn't have to be.

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