Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruby Watchco - weird name -great place

A friend of mine who hates to shop for gifts decided to give me the perfect gift this past christmas. She gave me a gift certificate for Ruby WatchCo. It took a while to finally redeem it but last night we ventured out to Leslieville in Toronto to enjoy a great night of Chef Lynn Crawford's select menu design.

This was the menu from last night but the menu changes daily and the menus for the week are available on the monday for the whole week. So if you book in advance and don't know what the menu will be then you have to put your dinner in Chef Lynn Crawford's capable and extremely talented hands. It is a prix fixe menu every night so you never know what it's going to be like. It's great for a food adventurer type of person that will say surprise me and give me some great food. The dishes just kept coming. The price is $49 and of course drinks, tax and tip are extra. You won't walk out of this restaurant hungry though as the portions are generous enough to satisfy you and fill you up. My favourite things that I had last night were the super tender and smoky flavoured veal chop cooked to perfection. The buttery flaky melt in your mouth biscuits and the creamy, smooth and delicious cafe creme caramel with cherries on top. My friend ate 2 desserts since one of our other dinner companions couldn't eat dairy. She said she could have eaten 2 more of them.

Chef Lynn is the Host of the Food Network show "Pitchin In". On the show she travels to farms and anywhere food makers are to pitch in and learn how to harvest the foods she cooks. She trades her services and cooks a meal for the hosting farmers and food processors. She knows a thing or two about food and where the best food comes from and when to get it. But what really makes chef Lynn great is her passion, stamina and creativity. She has an infectious laugh on the show but she's all business when she is in the kitchen cooking away. She takes her food seriously but not herself. She is warm and funny and her food matches her personality. We sat at a table close to the kitchen and it was apparent to me how hard Chef Lynn works. It's not an easy job to handle the pressures of a busy kitchen. The restaurant was packed all night and with the prix fixe there were many plates to juggle. Her and her team juggled them all masterfully. The restaurant is run like a well oiled machine with a great flow. Our lovely hostess did her best to accomodate one of our friends dietary restrictions. Ruby Watch Co. has a strange name but the restaurant deserves any and all accolades it gets. It delivers a great meal and great ambiance for the money. I would highly recommend going there for dinner but bring your appetite and your curiosity for food. You will leave full and satisfied.

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