Monday, April 16, 2012

Real food at the Green Living Show

I attended the Green Living Show this past weekend in Toronto for a couple of reasons.

1. I was there to film footage for my EcoLosers documentary and have another show called Green Heroes film us for an episode of their show for next season.

2. To check out green products and see some speakers. We only got to see former Mayor David Miller though because we were busy filming.

3. As always my stomach dictates things I do and we sampled all of the food at the show so I could also research things for this blog at the same time.

I like to multi task as you can see.

We had a lot of great free samples like a Quinoa salad from Whole foods, freshly squeezed orange juice from Organic Garage, a great greek coconut yoghurt and one of my favourites, cappuccino ice creams from Mapleton Organics.

We were at the show from 11 am until about 8:30 at night and we were dragging around a 2 1/2 year old who decided it was time for us to take a food break at about 5:30 so we headed over to the Farm Fresh Fare section to try some great dishes from local chefs.

The kid we were dragging around is the son of the EcoLosers family and he is a very fussy eater but he loves bread and cheese as you can tell from this picture of a grilled cheese sandwich that was as big as his head. This was one of the best things I tried as well. One of my favourite cheeses Tallegio on sourdough bread with a great chutney inside. Kid approved even as you can see.

It had my name on it as you can see. It was delicious and inspired me to add chutney's to my Tallegio grilled cheese from now on.

What I really loved about the show was seeing great local Canadian product, chefs, and foods and other products that were also just great products.

Some of the other foods we sampled were, organic chicken, pickles, dips, spreads, soups, and all sorts of great foods. We were stuffed by the time we left the show.

It's a great show to go to because it showcases local Organic foods and gives you a chance to try them in one place while you are also learning about ways to do better things for the environment. I even picked up some great deals on some Green Beaver products like non toxic toothpaste and shampoo and body wash, all with a nice natural minty scent.

There are things you can do and choose to make better decisions for your body and the environment... you just need to go to shows like the Green Living Show or great stores like Organic Garage, Whole Foods and the Big Carrot to find more of them in one place.

Here's a great experiment you can do that was at the show last year. You will enjoy this one. Get 2 tubs of Organic Vanilla ice cream 1 from any regular product you would find in a large grocery store and 1 that is Organic. I would suggest Mapleton's and try a scoop of each one and see if you can taste the difference. Then take a scoop or a tablespoonful of each one and put them on a plate beside each other and see how they melt and how long it takes. And the last thing is read the ingredient list on each and then decide where you want to put your money towards after this experiment.

If i could do a taste test to show you on this blog post I would...but you will have to try this one yourself.

If you want to really get the difference try doing a blind taste test...the senses don't lie.
feel free to post a comment if you try this experiment.

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