Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toronto needs Food Trucks

I watch the Food Network show Street Eats and on the last episode I saw they said that Toronto was one of 3 cities that didn't have Food Trucks. They kind of said how sad that was and felt sorry for us. I watch that show all the time and think how cool is it that people that can't afford to start up a restaurant because there food is fast and cheap and needs to be served fresh most of the time. My friends will tell you that we waited in a lineup at a Food Truck event for an hour to get a grilled cheese. There is a want and need for food trucks in this city. The advantage a food truck has over a larger stand alone bricks and morter business is that it can provide food to the customer right off the grill or the fryer or whatever method they are using in the truck to prepare the food. Also as apposed to a big fast food chain they can provide fresh local food because they don't have to stock thousands of pounds of food. They can literally shop at a farmers market and set up a truck nearby and start serving food hours later. How many restaurants can do that? Food trucks also have the ability to change their menus to suit food trends and their customers wants. If a burrito hot dog is popular they can serve it and if it's not then they take it off the menu the next day. They have the flexibility to cater to what people are looking for and adjust quickly.

I love the variety that you can get from a food truck. I have seen shows on Street Eats that are fusions of mexican Japanese or Cajun or Caribbean food mixed with french. Creativity goes. I would like to see Toronto take advantage of our diverse cultures and see what we can do and show off to the tourists that visit the city that you can get any kind of food you desire anywhere you go in this city.

Send a letter to your Councillor and tell them you want more food trucks. We have a few food trucks but they are getting forced out of business by the city by laws. Those city by laws need to be changed to keep up with the times and our culture.

I know a woman who has a hot dog cart who would love to expand her cart to serve other items but the city won't allow it. Why can we get toxic street meat and cancer causing and heart attack inducing fries on our streets but we can't get a food truck that can serve up a chicken burrito? It makes no sense to me and I would like to see this change in our city. I have nothing against the option to have a hot dog and fries but would like to see other options available for those people that want quick, cheap and tasty options that are a lot better for your health.

Our Mayor was up 3 pounds in his diet challenge and says he is too busy to do his weigh ins. Maybe if he had some healthy quick food truck options around the city when he is out and about he would make better choices and be down 3 pounds instead of up. Just sayin...

Make a change...tell them you want Food Trucks in TO.

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