Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Toronto has the World's Best Food Market - St. Lawrence Market

I went to St. Lawrence Market today for lunch and to pick up a few things and everywhere I went I saw cameras because it was voted the best market in the world which I didn't know until I got home and saw it on the news.

I stopped by Buster's Cove for a spicy Halibut Fish Sandwich and couldn't believe the lineup today.  Everyone must have been in the mood for fish today.

Today was Fish Day for me.  I was told once that a lot of the fish deliveries were on Wednesday so I believe a lot of people also know this fact so maybe instead of Fish Friday it should be changed to Fishy Wednesday.    My Fish Day started with the Halibut Fish Sandwich and then continued to my Seared Scallops dinner.

I have been trying to expand my culinary skills and tastes by cooking things that I didn't have growing up.   So today I picked up some fresh Scallops at the St. Lawrence Market to make for my dinner.  I also paired it with sauteed Mustard Greens which I have never cooked before.  I think I have only made Scallops once or twice before and still working on the taste of it.  It's not my fish of preference.  I love Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp.  I picked up some shrimp also and that will be for tomorrow's meal.

I tried to just cook the Scallops and Mustard Greens simply.   I seared the Scallops in a hot cast iron pan with oil and then added garlic butter and some tarragon herbs and then added a squeeze of lemon once it was cooked.   I sauteed the mustard greens in the garlic butter sauce that was left from the Scallops and then added a splash of Sherry vinegar and Salt and Pepper.

It was pretty good but I think Scallops are still low on my fish list but the mustard greens were pretty tasty and both things took only a couple of minutes to cook so really great for a weeknight meal when you don't want to spend a lot of time prepping and cooking dinner.

This is what it looked like:

Now as far as the St. Lawrence Market being the Best Market in the World I have to say that they do have a great variety of things that you won't see anywhere else in one place in the city.  With the addition of the weekend farmer's market you get great fresh selection.

My shopping list today included:

A rectangular tart pan
2 spice bottles
a ring mold
a vinegar bottle


Rum Balls from future bakery

Organic Lemons, 
Organic Potatoes
Organic Limes

and my Fish lunch.

I could have kept going but my hands were already full.   

A lot of chefs in the city go to the Market to get inspired or to pick up ingredients that are hard to find.  A lot of George Brown College students go there because it's close to the school and they can get whatever their hearts desire to create.    Bread, cheese, Fish, meat, produce, desserts, and even Caviar, foie gras and kitchen tools.    FRESH, FRESH, FRESH.   That's why people keep going.  

The St.Lawrence Market is an institution in the city.  I remember my parents going there when I was young and picking up things like Mussels and great cheeses.

I wish I lived closer to it so that I could shop there more often.     I have been in the area in the past couple of weeks so I have been able to pop in and pick up a few things.

It has a great vibe in there and feels like the kind of place that food markets should return to.

My favourite Markets are:

St. Lawrence Market
The Big Carrot
Organic Garage
Whole Foods 
Kensington Market

I like markets that you can explore and find new things that you have never seen before or markets that are of the highest quality of food.    Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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