Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soylent Green crackers taste good

Soylent Green crackers debut in collectible box:  

I went to a couples house to do an interview for a Documentary that I am working on about Losing weight and Going Green. When we sat down at the table there was a curious box on the table that caught my eye. When I was a kid there was a movie that my mother used to watch called "SOYLENT GREEN" I never forgot it because it was a freaky sci fi movie at the time with Charleton Heston who I later saw at the LAX airport..but that's another story. Anyway the title and theme of this movie has stuck with me all these years so when I saw this box I was curious instantly. The couple had offered us some homemade organic Kale and Potato soup and served these crackers with the soup so I tried one and I was surprised at how tasty they were.

This was a box of cracker with great taste and a sense of humour. They are made from plankton which is also a good thing. I am not sure where you would find these crackers local to you but if you see them in an Organic store somewhere pick up a box and have a taste and see if you like eating people too....just kidding about the people part but if you haven't seen the movie you won't get this.

Here's the IMDB link to the movie info.

For a fun party night I would suggest getting the movie and a box of Soylent Green Crackers. I guarantee you will have a fun night.

Go Green...Soylent Green.

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