Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Food/Eco Doc Project

I began a new Documentary Project yesterday called Eco Losers. The Film is about a family that lives in Oakville with their 2 year old son an a dog and have made the decision to lead healthier and greener lives. They began a year long journey the beginning of January to reduce 2 things in their life. They want to reduce their weight while also reducing their eco footprint on the world.

Yesterday we began filming although they began their journey by making small changes since the beginning of the month by collecting their non compostable trash.

Heather the wife began by cooking a meal for her family. After the meal i gave her the tip of taking the leftover bones from the chicken she cooked and some already prepared vegetables and turning it into a chicken stock to be used for future meals. Heather would have just tossed the bones into a compostable recycle bin. But this way she got 2 meals or more done with one chicken thus reducing packaging and waste.

After dinner she began the process of reassessing her pantry and realized how much garbage she was putting in her body and in her pantry.

This the container she filled up of things that will now get composted, recycled or just thrown in the trash.

Their goal is to live a leaner and greener life at the end of a year and will take on monthly challenges to build on their progress.

You can follow along with Heather's Blog at

I will add Food relevant updates here as the process goes along.

Look at what you have in your kitchen right now! Is it junk or useful to your life?

Read the labels on the products you have in your kitchen. My new mantra is: If you can't pronounce it, it can't be good for you.

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