Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Eat to the Beat - 60 women chefs kick butt in the kitchen for Breast Cancer


60 Female Chefs in Toronto come together to kick ass in the kitchen for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  It's usually the male chefs that get all the attention in the culinary world so it was great to celebrate all the great female chefs we have right here in Toronto.  Some very highly skilled and very creative women who can match their male counterparts anytime.  It was interesting that an American Celebrity Journalist Chef was just down the street commanding a huge amount of money just to hear him talk, while the same amount of money for a ticket to Eat to the Beat would give you an endless supply of food and drink and help raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and help people living with Cancer and for research to save people's lives.  HMMM.. just sayin.
Eat to the Beat celebrates it's 21st year.  It would be nice to not have to raise money for Cancer one day and just have this event for something else.

A few of the familiar faces cooking up a storm at Eat to the Beat were Emily Richards, Home Economist and cookbook author and tv personality, Donna Dooher, owner of Mildred's Temple Kitchen and Vanessa Yeung of Aphrodite Cooks.

Some of the food included fancy grilled cheese, gougeres, duck, soup, ceviche, pear, cupcakes, chicken and waffles, noodles and so many things that I can't even list them all.  Imagine 60 different items to sample.  It's impossible to try them all.  I got through 3/4 of the savoury bites and then maybe had 2 desserts and I was done.  I scooped up some cookies to take home because I really wanted to try more sweets but just couldn't fit any more food in my gob.

Other fun things at the event were the requisite fun photo prop step and repeat and of course I took photos with 2 of my friends.  It's now a thing. I remember the events I go to that way.

There was also a silent auction with some amazing Kitchen Aid products, they were the main sponsor. There were special goodie bags for purchase and raffle tickets.

There was a female musical entertainer and also lively DJ music.

Then there were the ladies in special corsettes who represented the women going through Cancer treatments.  Some very fun costumes as you can see from the photo above and also on Cake Lady Vendor Vanessa Le Page.  She had a different outfit the last time I was there a couple of years ago.
Vanessa Le Page - The Cake Lady
 You know it's a great event when you bump into foodies every time you grab a bite and you also know a bunch of the volunteers too.  We all know what the best and most fun events are.

I really love this one for so many reasons.  The food is plentiful and amazing,  it's all women chefs who need to get recognized and above all it's all done for a great cause and will help a lot of people.   And it's just a whole lot of fun.  It is my pleasure to write about events like this because it's a win win event for everyone.

I thought it was funny that in the same building that I spend time in during TIFF there was this cool chocolate treat at the Succulent chocolate booth.  Nice touch.

For more info about Eat to the Beat check their website and make sure you get a ticket next year.

For More info on the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation and how you can donate:

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