Saturday, November 12, 2016

LG presents Chuck's Bites with Chef Chuck Hughes

Chef Chuck Hughes

Montreal Chef Chuck Hughes was in Toronto for LG presents Chuck's Bites to show off a bit of his mom's easy Tomato Pie recipe and his partnership with LG Canada's new Kitchen Appliances.  In an intimate studio setting he met with small groups of food and lifestyle writers and showed how easy it is to make an easy pie using phyllo pastry and some fresh tomatoes and cheese.  It literally took him 10 minutes to put together.
But aside from the fantastic recipe demo he was there to talk about the appliances.  Unfortunately our group only got a few tips of what he likes about the appliances from the childproof lock on the oven to the see inside door of the fridge.  I have included more details that were provided below.  I can tell you that they are beautiful appliances that I wish I could have in my apartment and if I had the money when I was living in a house I would have bought them for sure.

I have seen Chuck so many times that it was more of a catch up on what's going on in his life with his growing family,  he has 2 young boys now and he also has a couple of new shows he has been working on that he hopes get released in Canada.  One with his fellow chef and friend Danny Smiles. They travel around the world and stay at campsites and cook up meals with local chefs.

Chuck owns 2 restaurants in Montreal about 15 minutes away from each other,  Garde Manger and Le Bremner.  He doesn't have plans to open any more restaurants in the future but I was hoping he would open one in Toronto as I have yet to visit his restaurants in Toronto but luckily he does a lot of cooking demos in Toronto so hopefully you can attend one soon.

Get the Recipe for Chuck's Mom's Tomato Pie here:

 Luxurious, fingerprint resistant finish that easily wipes clean with just a smooth, dry cloth
 InstaView™ Door-in-Door® with ColdSaver™ Panel - just double tap on the door to see what is inside without opening the fridge
 Slim SpacePlus® Ice System is located on the door, so you end up with more storage space on the top shelf of the freezer

 Luxurious, fingerprint resistant finish that easily wipes clean with just a smooth, dry cloth
 LG ProBake Convection™ inspired by pro-style ranges
 Heating element moved from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution  A clean oven in 10 minutes with EasyClean®.

*this is not a sponsored post.  I was invited to the cooking demo but not compensated for this post.  Photos are my own above and courtesy of LG Canada with Appliances.

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