Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chef and the Dish at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

Event:  Gourmet Food & Wine Expo
Date:  Nov. 17-20, 2016
Location:  Metro Toronto Convention Centre - North Building
Tickets:  Start at $20 and $20 for 20 sample tickets

Unlike most people I am not a wine drinker, although I don't mind cooking with wine, I just haven't developed that love of wine drinking that most people have.  But I went to the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo which I think should be rebranded because it's mostly wine with about 20% food.
I got tickets from the people from Persimmons from Spain and was also invited to attend by my friend Mary Tang (Mary's Happy Belly) who was there with The Chef and the Dish a new online cooking class that allows you to skype with a Chef around the world for an online cooking class.

Mary was invited to cook along with Chef Yoshimi in Tokyo, Japan and she jumped at the chance to learn some new recipes and to cook on stage at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.  She was allowed to invite some of her food blogger friends to attend to support her and pretty much be her papparazzi.
It was great to hang out with everyone and watch Mary in her element.  Mary has been on a cooking competition show in the past and really enjoys it. Mary even had a couple of fans of her blog go up to meet her and take photos.  She was thrilled that they came out to meet her.

Mary made 2 dishes in about an hour.  One was a really flavourful edamame dish and the other was a more complex Tofu dish that uses specific Japanese ingredients that might take a little more effort to find.  I really loved the Edamame and could see me making that at home because it was pretty simple and very tasty.

Before Mary's cooking demo we wandered around the show trying to find something to eat and drink. We tried many of the samples and we both go some fantastic Tito's Vodka drink that was served in a Mason Jar Mug that you could keep and get refills.  It was the best deal for 4 tickets or $4.

One of the samples I really liked was a new Jerky by Lorissa's Kitchen.  Not too salty and really smooth flavour and texture.

I also liked Skinny Dip Cottage Cheese Spreads.  Very healthy dips with the same taste as the high fat equivalents.

The only other thing I got besides the samples was the Bubble Waffle sample, even though I actually had some at lunch the same day it was the only thing I wanted to use up the last 2 tickets I had.  I love Bubble Waffles (Hong Kong Waffles).  If you haven't tried them you will love them when you do.

I also sat in on Casa Manila's owner Mila doing a cooking demo of her newly launched to the public special cooking sauces.  I knew about her from a blogger event she hosted at her restaurant last year.  She prides herself into not using anything processed and created her sauces with natural ingredients.

I can't speak about the wines so I will let other bloggers tell you about the Wine and Beer and other foods available at the show.

One thing I must tell you is that during Mary's demo there was very loud music happening on the other end of the show.  There is live music and DJ's and a lot of the booths have music.
It's a bit of a younger crowd of adults and a bit of a club atmosphere.  It gets very busy on Saturday nights and the opening VIP night on thursday.  Dress light and wear comfortable shoes.  It gets hot in there and you will be standing around for a while.

This show is great for people that like to sample a lot of different wines in one place but bring lots of cash because you will burn through those sample tickets.

Enjoy and please take public transit... for the yours and others safety and it's crazy down there and parking is expensive.  

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