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ICFF Film Festival - Italian glamour to the max

Giacamo Gianniotti - ICFF HOST
This post is long past due because I knew it would take a long time to put together.  I was finally able to attend the ICFF Film Festival.  Italian Contemporary Film Festival.  Last year I attended another festival and was only able to attend Industry day and the party after that but this year I was able to attend both the Opening Night and Closing Night and I was able to see a few screener films from the festival.  The host of the festival was the very handsome Grey's Anatomy Star Giacamo Gianniotti. I haven't watched the show in a while so I didn't know who he was but he was very popular.  I will post about the films on my Film Food Stuff Blog.

Checco Zalone and Director Gennaro Nunziate of Quo Vado?
I am posting about this on this blog because the Opening and Closing Night parties were spectacular and I can honestly say the best film festival food I have ever seen.  I have attended various film festivals in Toronto for the past 15 years including Tiff and a few others, but I can honestly say that Italians really know how to throw a party.  The opening night film was Quo Vado starring Checco Zalone.  Zalone has made a few films and is very popular and he was in attendance for the film and after party. The film is about a guy that has a permanent government job, who does everything he can not to lose it.  It was a hilarious film and a great start to the film festival. The after party was held down the street at Roy Thompson Hall.  The interior had the main food with pastas, my favourite gnocchi, salumi, cheese, and everything you could think of that is native to Italy.  The food made everyone very happy.  Outside on the patio was the longest dessert table you could imagine.  It was like an expensive Italian wedding.  Everything from Cannoli to Tiramisu and even Italian flag colored Macarons.  There was a blue and white colored candy table with candy floss and suckers and candies that you could even take home.  I took some candy floss and a sucker home.  The colors were the festivals colors and I thought that was a really nice detailed touch.  Yes the event planner in me was very impressed.  There were also dancers that did a water dance in the pond. I should have run over to take photos but trust me, it was spectacular.


Not to be outdone the Closing Night was just as fantastic with the film The Correspondence, a film starring Jeremy Irons.  A romantic mystery if you will about Irons who arranges plans before his death for his lover to never feel alone.  Although Irons wasn't in attendance the legendary Claudia Cardinale was there to receive an award.  Her film All Roads Lead to Rome was screened at the festival the day before. I think it would have been a great closing night film.  It's a romantic comedy starring Cardinale, Sarah Jessica Parker and Raoul Bova who is Italy's George Clooney.  The film was super cute and funny, very hollywood though.

Claudia Cardinale

The closing night party was held at the Uber fancy Ritz Carlton Hotel on Wellington Street.
With Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra at the entrance with film crew in tow, serving up some Italian cheese and other products.  The sound guy from a film I worked on was there for a cheese commercial set up that you could be a part of.  I did it for fun because i don't think people knew what it was. I also saw TV Host/Chef David Rocco there enjoying himself and said a quick hello before I left.
Chef Massimo Capra
And the food was just as impressive as the Opening night with the best Ravioli, meat, a huge table of antipasto and of course more beautiful desserts. I was so full from the great pasta that I only tried one of the desserts, the chocolate bombolone.  It was creamy and delicious.

My Italian and not so Italian friends got dolled up for the party and really enjoyed themselves.

What a spectacular festival. It wasn't just about the films it was about the food and the fashion and the culture of Italy and they really did showcase it all together in one place.  There were models in Italian fashion at the closing night party and there were Italian cars and everyone was really dolled up in their best Italian Inspired wear.  I am glad I finally had the time to go to see a couple of the films and attend the parties.  I hope to have the time to be there again next year.

If you want more info on the festival and how you can attend next year check their site:

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