Monday, July 25, 2016

Pop Up Festival City in TO

I am writing this post a little differently today.  My computer seems to have given up trying to keep up with all the pop ups and festivals that I have been trying to go to lately and it won't even start up, just like a stubborn child.  Yeah I know computers don't last long anymore but I think I just overloaded it with way too many festival images.  Anyway, for this post I am typing with one finger on my IPad while lying in bed.  Why?  Well because my body is tired but my blogger brain won't shut off.

I don't want to fall too far behind and leave out posts I wanted to write so will see how this goes for now until I figure out how to solve my computer issues.

This past weekend I attended 2 festivals.  One was a community street festival that seemed more like a flea market on a Main Street.  That festival was Big on Bloor.  Spanning from Dufferin to Landsdowne on Bloor Street it closed down the streets for 2 days.  I decided to check it out because I was close to the area looking for a new computer and on a crazy hot day I get the. Bright idea to walk on Bloor in the sun and sweat my face off.  There wasn't much food vendors but there were activities and a lot of jewellery vendors.  I basically just walked from Dufferin to Landsdowne and took some pics and hopped back on the subway.  Not much there for me.

On Friday after work I went to the Toronto Festival of Beer with my blogger friend Shuang.  It was insanely hot and you had to walk from the Princess Gates to past the Better living building.  I don't think it was the best day for us to go. We were tired and sweaty but once again I went to check it out for you.  Beer festivals are not my thing because I don't drink beer and not interested in getting drunk to the point of the next day being a write off.  This was that kind of festival with more beer vendors than food vendors in a close proximity with loads of 20-30 somethings looking for a good time.

Yeah I'm probably too old for these things but Shuang isn't and she just turned into an old lady too.

I walked around to check everything out but since I don't drink beer it kind of felt a bit useless for me to be there.  I will leave the beer description up to some of my fellow bloggers and beer lovers that I know attended the festival.  I will just tell you what else was there.  There was a Le Grille grilling tent where a few of Toronto's popular chefs were doing demos.  Some notable like Ted Reader and the Chefs from Antler, camagnolo, Raca Cafe, and Pizzeria Libretto and many more.

Other food vendors included the energetic Matt Basile with his Fidel Gastros food truck.
There was hand pie from the Pie commission and Poutine from Smokes Poutinerie and even some Swedish food to go with Swedish Beer.

There were even games to play and some big music artists there like Maestro Fresh Wes and many more.

I didn't eat or drink anything and we didn't stay long because it was just too hot to wander around.

I know lots of people with less clothing on had a really great time there but I went from work and was wearing black pants so that should explain why I didn't stay long.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the TO Food Fest at the Chinese Cultural centre in Scarborough.  What I like about this festival is that it has an indoor and outside setup.  With washrooms available inside. It's only $2 or a food bank donation to get in which I think is a good idea.  They had an area for kids to play and there is a small lot with free parking if you get there early.

It's pretty much all food but the diversity is amazing.  There was Filipino, Japanese, Brazilian, Cambodian, Jamaican and a whole lot of other ethnic and new trend foods.  From the Sushi Burritos to the Ice Cream Rolls to the Raindrop cakes.

I have seen a lot of these things before but it's a good place to try all kinds of food in one convenient location with less walking than the CNE and you will see stuff here before it hits the CNE usually.

I have said it before, there is a festival r popup for everyone and everything in Toronto.

Have we reached the limit yet or is Toronto's appetite for new foods and festivals not going to end anytime soon?

There are a few more food festivals I will be writing about soon so stay tuned,  there's more to come.

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