Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Front Street Foods - Pop Up Market


Event:                      Front Street Foods/Adelaide

Place Location:       Adelaide Place
(150 York Street / 181 University Avenue,
2nd Level Terrace)

Date:           June 13, 2016 – August 5, 2016
Time:          11 AM – 8 PM (Weekdays Only)

The second annual Front Street Foods opened recently at Adelaide Place (150 York Street / 181 University Avenue, 2nd level terrace), with dishes and delicacies designed by 20 local chefs, restaurants and food entrepreneurs. From sweet and savoury, to lush and succulent, this carefully curated culinary market will be open for the public to enjoy weekdays between June 13, 2016 and August 5, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. With the move from last year's Union Station to an upper level patio closer to the Financial and business district, the market now caters more to local Toronto business people and locals in the know.  It is a bit hidden from public view except for the Front street foods sign on the side of the wall leading up the stairs.  Although it's not really accessible there are elevators in the adjoining office buildings.

I visited the market on it's first day open because I am working a few blocks away and thought it would be a great way to get something interesting for lunch.  The first visit was easy, not too many people.  The second visit was on a friday during prime lunch hour time so that wasn't the best time to get lunch in less than an hour.  I think we waited 20 minutes for Brock Sandwiches signature Buttermilk chicken sandwiches. Yes they were good but I think I would go at a less busy time if I want one again.
My third visit last night was an attempt to grab something to eat for dinner before I jumped on the subway to get home.  I stumbled up the stairs and after a couple of minutes of trying to figure out what I wanted I saw my blogger friend Vicky and then noticed she was with her mother who lives in Ottawa.  At first I thought she just stopped by with her mom to check it out but after chatting with her she told me it was actually a media event.  I think she mentioned it before but I guess I didn't pay attention to when it was because I had been there already and probably thought it was too late.  I didn't get an invitation to this one because I didn't know the PR agency but since I crashed this media event by accident Vicky suggested I speak with the PR people, so I did and they gave me a wristband so that I could sample whatever I wanted.  So I was able to try smaller samples of a few things and took home a donut and Fred's breads Asparagus pizza to eat later.  After wandering around I soon realized that half my blogger friends were there so I was really surprised that I didn't know about it.

Anyway, it was a happy coincidence and I must have blogger radar or food radar by now.  It was nice to hang out with a few of my blogger friends especially when I thought I was just going to pick up something to eat and go home.

The things to check out are the RACLETTE.. oozing cheese on potatoes with Kale salad.  The Fred's Breads are always one of my favourite things and I always have Station Cold Brew when I see them at events.  Something new and popular are the Sushi burritos from Fishd by Edo.  They also make Salmon and Tuna Poke.  I really liked the Tuna Poke. I have also tried the Paella from La Fiesta which was pretty good.  That was one of my lunch trips though.  The Rolling Pin are on hand with Donuts and you can get a donut cake but I tried the smores brownie and it was fantastic.  They even have oysters and beer on hand.  You can get breakfast from Bacon Nation or grab your lunch or meet for a drink and a bite after work.  A great meeting spot for the time starved downtown commuter.  When those trains get delayed this is a good way to kill some time.

Some of the vendors you can expect to see are:

  • Brock Sandwich 
  • Chimney Stax Baking Co. 
  • Fish’d by Edo 
  • Freds Bread 
  • Fresh 
  • Holy Chuck Burger 
  • HotBunzz 
  • Jake’s Lobster 
  • La Fiesta 
  • Raclette Suisse 
  • Tacos 101 
  • The Rolling Pin 
  • Toben by Design 
  • Railroad Coffee Co. 
  • Station Cold Brew Coffee 

Visit frontstreetfoods.com   and torontomarketcom for a full list of vendors and more information.

Twitter/Instagram & Facebook - @torontomarketco

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