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Why buying 100% Italian Olive Oil is important.

Event:            100% Italian Olive Oil Tasting Dinner
Date:              July 7, 2016
Host:              Redoro Olive Oil
Campaign:     Flavor Your Life
Location:       Buca on King St.
Hashtag:        #FlavorYourLife

Recently I received a mysterious email invitation to attend an Olive Oil tasting at Buca Restaurant on King St. West.  I didn't know who the invitation was from exactly but I accepted the invitation because it was at one of Toronto's Top 10 restaurants.  I have been to the 2 others but hadn't visited this location yet so this was a great opportunity.

It ended up being my blogger pal Shuang's (TheTeleporta) birthday that same evening so she was my plus 1 guest.  Great way to spend a birthday I think. I didn't know who else was going but so happy to see some of my other blogger friends there too.

The reason for the event was because there is a new FLAVOR YOUR LIFE campaign that is supported by the European Union and Italy to explain the importance of 100% Italian Olive Oil.  Our host was Roberto Accurso the very informative owner of REDORO Olive Oils. Redoro is supported by the European Union and Italy and is one of the only certified producers that they have agreed to partner with.

We sampled the first 3 Olive Oils on this list and Roberto explained the differences of each one.  All are first pressed oils. They only use Italian Olives from the local growers and there are no GMO's. There are a lot of oils that claim to be Extra Virgin olive oil but they are not first pressed and they use olives from other countries mixed and use blemished low quality and sometimes under ripe olives which won't have full flavour.
REDORO farm estate is located in Grezzana, in the heart of Valpantena, in the northern area of Verona: the secret of success at Redoro oil mills is the presence of the mills, very close to the heart of its production: one in Grezzana, the main seat of the firm; the other in Mezzane and also near the Lake of Garda, where only Garda DOP Extra virgin Olive Oil is produced. The oil mills work at full capacity during the three months of harvest – October, November and December. Olives are collected from the neighbouring valleys, which cover a wide area that comprises seven valleys.
 About 1000 producers send their best olives to the mills. Average yearly output amounts to an estimated 30.000 quintals of olives, processed by Redoro’s mills.
Oil production undergoes strict controls by our specialized staff who carefully follow each step of the process, pressing only good olives whose quality can produce the excellences of Redoro Mills, namely:

  • -      Italian Redoro 100%
  • -      Redoro Organic

  • -      Extra virgin Garda DOP

  • -      Extra virgin Veneto Valpolicella DOP

The oil produced at the mill is very aromatic, has an intense green color with shades of gold, and a sweet full-bodied and fragrant olive flavor, that allows it to be tasted on bread or used to dress any dish. REDORO has even given its special attention to the bottle that contains the oil: this bottle bears the REDORO registered trademark, is attractive and has a practical and very original handle.

For more information please email Marcella Dose at

REDORO SRL – Frantoi Veneti - Sede: Via G. Marconi, 30 - 37023 Grezzana (VR) - ITALY

After our Olive Oil tasting we had some truly amazing appetizers.  From the famous Buca Margherita pizza to a fried stuffed olive and a breaded eggplant with burrata cheese and basil and one of most flavourful bites was the ceviche served in spoons.  To end the meal we were presented with Olive Oil Gelato served in espresso cups.  What an interesting dessert and beautiful presentation.  One thing that wasn't event meant to stand out was the fantastic Italian sodas that they had. I had the refreshing lemon flavour.  A great citrus cleanse for the whole meal.  And I must say that there really was a noticable difference to each of the Olive Oils and I think we all had our preferences.  I think the DOP was the one I liked the best.  Each a different purpose, as dippers, finishers and for salads so it's best to sample and see which one you like the best.

They provided us with a gift bag of their Olive Oil and a bunch of recipes.

Here's a recipe that would be great for your SUMMER BBQ's that will be enhanced by using Redoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Coming soon the oils will be available at selected Costco stores where you will be able to sample the oils and find out more about each one.  Once the brand is established they hope to expand to large grocery stores.
Website coming soon at

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