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Taste Canada Awards 2015

The Taste Canada Food Writing Awards took place recently at the Arcadian Court in downtown Toronto recently and I was invited to attend the event as a Red Carpet Correspondent with a few fellow food bloggers and other media.

The awards were hosted by Celebrity Chefs Ricardo Larivee and Vikram Vij who were previous Taste Canada Award winners.
Ricardo, Donna Doeher, Vikram Vij
It was a great night that celebrated Canadian cookbook authors and for the first time Food Bloggers were also given awards which were sponsored by Food Bloggers of Canada.   
Food Bloggers of Canada Team
This was the first time they had a red carpet for the award nominees and having been there for the first time last year when they didn't have it I think it added a lot of fun and excitement to the awards and hopefully we made everyone feel like VIP's on the red carpet.  

The Awards were presented and afterwards everyone moved to a Gala Reception where local restaurants and caterers had a lovely set up of some brilliant food.  My favourites of the night were Rock Lobster's Bisque and freshly shucked oysters by owner Matt Dean Pettit.  I also enjoyed the amazing array of chocolates from Cocoa Berry.  Dufflet had delicious tiramisu and lemon cake squares.  There was also a lot of different kinds of pork dishes it seemed with Matt Basile (Lisa Marie) making a pork lettuce wrap and there was also Ted Reader with pork belly and barley risotto.  Vanessa Yeung (Aphrodite Cooks) had a dumpling in braised beef broth is what I think she said. 

 Martin Kouprie (Pangea) had a pretty complicated dish of pheasant I think with a sausage and blanched brussel sprouts and green puree and a few other touches.  The most complicated dish of the night for sure.  It was very lovely and so fun to see so many fellow bloggers and local chefs and Industry people that I know.  Last year there were only a couple of food bloggers there and I only knew one of them and a couple of other people.  After attending a whole lot of events this past year this year was different with a whole lot more familiar faces and new friends to chat with. It turned out to be a really fun event.  Here are the winners.
Taste Canada Award Winners

Culinary Narratives/Narrations Culinaires
Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen: Unveiling the Rituals, Traditions, and Food of the Hutterite Culture
Mary-Ann Kirkby
Penguin Canada Books, Toronto

Ainsi cuisinaient les belles-sœurs dans l’œuvre de Michel Tremblay : Une traversée de notre patrimoine culinaire 1913 – 1963
Anne Fortin
Flammarion Québec, Montréal

General Cookbooks/ Livres de Cuisine Générale
Family Meals
Michael Smith
Penguin Canada Books, Toronto

Ensemble : Cuisine gourmande et colorée
Christelle Tanielian
Les Éditions La Presse, Montréal

Regional/Cultural Cookbooks / Livres de cuisine régionale et culturelle 
The SoBo Cookbook: Recipes from the Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian Road
Lisa Ahier and Andrew Morrison
Appetite by Random House, Vancouver

La récolte
Bernard Dubé
Bernard Dubé, New Richmond
(Mention Spéciale)

Single-Subject Cookbooks/Livres de Cuisine Sujet Unique
Duchess Bake Shop
Giselle Courteau
Duchess Bake Shop, Edmonton

Soupes-repas gourmandes
Anne-Louise Desjardins
Guy Saint-Jean, Éditeur, Laval

Food blog – Best Post / Blogue culinaire – meilleure publication
“Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Hazelnut, Orange, and Saffron”
Allison Day
Yummy Beet

« Pizza 3 minutes : saucisses italiennes, épinards, tomates cerises, cœurs d’artichauts et mozzarella »
Christelle Tanielian
Christelle Is Flabbergasting

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Rose Murray (1941–) From writing, to teaching, to television and radio appearances across Canada, over a long career, Murray has shaped our perspective of Canadian cuisine.

Nellie Lyle Pattinson (1879–1953)  Pattinson wrote the Canadian Cook Book, published by Ryerson Press in 1923 and reprinted twenty times up to 1949.

Helen Wattie (1911–2009) and Elinor Donaldson Whyte (1926–) These two women updated Pattinson’s text to reflect Canada’s prosperity and changing food habits after World War II, with an  innovative 1953 edition, that included – for the first time in Canada – a chapter of “Regional Dishes”.

For more info about the Awards go to

All photos by Linda Matarasso ©2015

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