Monday, September 28, 2015

Food Truck Festival Ontario - #FTFO

Even though it's officially Fall it felt like an end of summer sunshine filled day at Downsview Park for te FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL ONTARIO #FTFO today.  There were a whole lot of last days of summer events happening on this end of September Sunday but I headed over to Downsview Park to shoot some pics of all the food trucks and as much food as I could.

FOOD TRUCKS present were:

Bacon Nation, Bake Three Fifty, B.good, Beavertails, Brewing Bean, Busters Sea Cove, Chimney Stax, CORNehCOPIA, Dine Alone Foods, Dolcella Gelato, Fit To Grill, Food Dudes, Funnel Cake Express, Great Canadian, Jerk Brothers, Kevins Burger Obsession, Koi, La Novela, Luchador, Made in Brasil, Me.n.u, Meltdown Cheesery, My Sticky Rice, Prince Edward Fries, Raw on Location, Sweet Spot, Tdots Naansense, The Egg Man, Tiny Toms Donuts, Untamed Chef, Wickedly Sinful

There were also other attractions like:
-Artisans Market
-Drinks Garden
-Kidzone (corn maze, hula hoop workshop,)

-$15 at the gate and the food averaged between $6 to $10 a dish.

I tried a few things such as the People's Chicken Sandwich $10  from Untamed Chef.  This sandwich pretty much filled me up.  It was buttermilk breaded chicken with bacon, lettuce, cheese, fried jalapenos and fried onions.  It was good and filled me up so much that I couldn't try a whole lot of other things.

I started off with (Made in Brasil) Mata Petisco Bar's Chicken Croquettes.  Two for $6. They were really good.  A nice size I think for this kind of festival where you want to try a bunch of different things.  

The first thing I actually got was an Iced Coffee from Brewing Bean. Cheaper than Starbucks at $3.50 but a bit pricey for a food fest but it was good and I needed it standing out in the sun and chowing down on all the fried foods.

I was pretty much full after that even though I wanted to try more I opted for some Tiramisu Gelato from Dolcella Gelato.  It melted pretty fast in the hot sun and I wish it had a stronger coffee flavour.  I could hardly finish it even.  It was $4 for a small one.

It's funny that I don't eat as much as I used to but you wouldn't know it by looking at me.  Getting old isn't fair is all I can say.  I am smarter now but my body can't keep up with me.

After that I had to resort to following people around and taking pics of their food since I didn't have room in my stomach or the money to keep buying more food.  It adds up pretty quickly.  Since it was at Downsview Park none of my friends were there.  Even my food blogger friends were absent surprisingly but there were so many other events happening that they were probably all over the place.  So I didn't have anyone to share food with otherwise I might have been able to try more things.

Overall I think it's a nice event for families if you pack the whole family in the car and bring a blanket or chairs to sit on because the chair situation isn't enough sometimes and there is lot's of grass to spread a blanket on.  

Another tip.  There is either grass or gravel so leave those spiky heels at home and bring the sneakers.  I was wearing flat shoes but still found it uncomfortable standing around on the gravel.  
And then there is the porta potty situation.  Not my favourite thing so just so you know that's the deal with this type of event.  

I would really love to see a developer build a Food Truck Mall like a lot of places in the U.S. have.  We don't have any suitable locations for these types of events.   Yes I would create one if I had the money to do it.  I think Downsview Park would be great if they built a permanent type of event area to accommodate these types of things.  

Make sure you bring lot's of cash because you need to pay to get in and at each vendor but they do have ATM machines on site.

The Food Trucks also competed for a Trophy that attendees vote online for and the Winner was BAKE THREE FIFTY.  Too bad I didn't have room to try something from their truck.  Here's the Trophy they won.  Congrats!

For more info go to their website:

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