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FunDeLentils - 24 dishes in 7 cities


Canadian Lentils have launched an amazing promotion in 7 different cities across Canada at 24 different restaurants and with the common theme of showcasing Canadian Lentils.

You would think that 24 dishes of lentils might be similar but in the hands of very talented Chefs across Canada it becomes an unbelievable experience and a food journey of sorts in savouring the different flavours of each region.  Most of the Chefs have focused on local ingredients to pair with the Canadian Lentils but no 2 dishes are alike in the 24 different plates of food.

Today I was very fortunate to be able to take the #FUNDELENTIL tour with Food Advocate and Food Day Canada founder Anita Stewart who was an amazing tour guide for a very small group of food industry writers and professionals and we travelled on our mini party bus to 4 Amazing Restaurants in Toronto to sample the dishes that are included in the selection of the 24 restaurants.
Each dish was incredible. The versatility of the different lentils was unbelievable.  I thought i had a favourite dish and then tried the next one and it was just as great so you need to be the judge for yourself.  I hope you get to try a whole bunch of different restaurants and choose your favourite one.

OUR #FUNDELENTIL TOUR went like this:

STOP #1 - We started our day having with a breakfast for dinner dish by Chef Tom Wade at the Farmhouse Tavern on Dupont Street.  The young chef Tom gave us Warm Beluga Lentils with Ontario Fiddleheads, Dry-Aged Rib Eye Bacon and Soft-poached Duck Egg.


STOP #2 - We headed to Boralia on Ossington Ave.  A very modern restaurant scene is popping up in this area with a lot of the hipster crowd and the neighbourhood restaurants.  Boralia is a beautiful modern but comfortable space.  Chef Wayne Morris prepared a dish of Lentil Hodgepodge with Spring Vegetables.  This was the most beautiful plate of the day with all the fresh spring vegetable colors.

STOP #3 - Was a bit of a quicker stop at George on Queen St. East. where Chef Lorenzo Lesoto presented us with Dungeness Crab, Lentil Salad, Fava Bean.

STOP #4 - We ended our beautiful day in a very elegant space at Pangaea Restaurant on Bay Street where Chef Martin Kouprie assigned his Sous Chef Spike to create a dish because he is allergic to lentils but Chef Spike didn't disappoint with his global fusion of spices and flavours.  
He prepared Celeriac-dusted Veal Loin on Spiced Black Garam and Red Lentils, 24-hour Marinated Scallop, Grilled Fine Herb Lentil Cake with Shaved and Pickled Spring Vegetables.

Here are some fun facts about lentils.  

  • Did you know that 95% of Canada's Lentils are grown in Saskatchewan?
  • Canada is the World's largest lentil producer.
  • Canada only began growing lentils in the 1970's.
  • Lentils grow in pods connected to the plant typically 1-3 per pod.

Canadian Lentils has a contest for all of you food lovers.  From JUNE 1- 30th 2015  
EAT-VOTE-WIN.  Just login to  and Vote for your favourite restaurant dish and the winning Chef will get some special prizes and YOU will have a chance to WIN too!  

You could WIN 
  • Flight/transportation for two (2) to city of choice (Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, or Vancouver) from anywhere in Canada
  • 3 nights’ accommodation
  • Car rental
  • $200 gift certificate to each participating restaurant in chosen city *Note - flights/hotel/car awarded in form of travel voucher in the value of $3,200
These are the Host Chefs in Toronto

Darcy MacDonnel Owner of the  Farmhouse Tavern
Chef Tom Wade from Farmhouse Tavern
Chef Wayne Morris from Boralia
Anita Stewart & Chef Lorenzo Lesoto from George Restaurant

Sous chef Spike and Chef Martin Kouprie from Pangaea Restaurant

For more info on Lentils.

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