Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chef Lynn Crawford dives into the Frozen Shrimp biz

Chef Lynn Crawford seems to be everywhere and a part of everything these days.  Not only does the popular Food Network Chef have her own show called "Pitchin In" but she is also one of the judges on  "Chopped Canada" and is currently working on a new show where she travels around Canada looking for the best cookbook recipes from people across Canada.

She is also the owner of the well rated Leslieville restaurant RubyWatchco.   And if that's not busy enough she is also a Brand Ambassador for KitchenAid and Hellman's and probably a whole lot more that I don't even know about.  She is always involved in charitable events and has participated in the Culinary Showdown for Breast Cancer as well as many other events.   I have seen Lynn at many consumer and professional trade shows doing the most hilarious food demos.  She is one of the most entertaining and skilled chefs in Canada.

I don't know how she has the time to do it all but she seems to make it work and do it very well.  If all that isn't enough she has just launched a new line of Frozen Shrimp Products by Waterview Market.

Teriyaki Shrimp
It comes in 6 different flavours currently, including:  Maple Mustard, Teriyaki, Lemon Garlic, Carribean, Honey BBQ and Teriyaki BBQ.   The are currently available in stores like Fortinos but check your local grocery store as they will be expanding to many more stores.   The shrimp is frozen and packed with a sauce packet that is really easy to cook.  You can either defrost the shrimp and packed by running it under cold water or leave it in the refrigerator overnight and drain excess water.  It is sustainable shrimp and the sauces are Gluten Free with no MSG and no Palm Oil.

You can literally cook up the shrimps with the sauce in minutes and add some rice or pasta and you have an easy and quick flavourful meal.  No need to have a million spices in your cupboard so it's perfect for the rushed mom or the space strapped busy single professional or student.

Lemon Garlic & Caribbean flavour shrimp
I sampled 4 of the flavours,  the Teriyaki, the Caribbean, the Maple Mustard and the Lemon Garlic.  My favourite was the Lemon Garlic and I was told that it is their most popular flavour that they can't keep enough in stock even.

If you are clueless in the kitchen but sick of take out try this and I bet you will feel like you can cook like the chefs on Chopped Canada too.  They are great for parties and I taste tested them with my friends at a party I hosted on the weekend.

Disclaimer:  Samples of the frozen shrimp were provided for review by Premiere Marine Canada but the opinions and photos are my own.  Waterview Market Package photos provided by Premiere Marine Canada.

For more info about the products:

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